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The Kidney Foundation of Canada is frequently approached by health professionals, market or scientific researchers or other inquiring individuals or groups, with a request to reach out to members of the kidney community for their insights or experiences.

This page is dedicated to featuring these opportunities and making them available to you for your consideration. You may want to get involved by sharing your views through survey participation or simply, by keeping abreast of some of the questions – research or other - being raised or discussed in the kidney community. We hope you will bookmark this section of our website and visit it often. And if you have any questions, concerns or other feedback about the material you find on this page, we encourage you to contact us at info@kidney.ca using the subject line "Public Query: Survey".

Ongoing surveys:

Kidney Community Contact List

The Kidney Community Contact List is a national and confidential record of registrants who wish to be contacted for their input in surveys and/or requests for information, feedback and action on topics of concern and/or interest to people living with kidney disease. You will not be solicited for donations unless you have already donated to us in the past.

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Would you like your voice to be heard?

We need your help improving support for patients on PD.
Human Care Systems (HCS), a company with extensive experience in driving awareness, diagnosis, initiation and adherence, is currently conducting interviews with current and past patients using peritoneal dialysis for renal replacement therapy, on behalf of a global sponsor that manufacturers medical products. In cooperation with the sponsor, we are recruiting patients to participate in this important research so that your voice can be heard.

The goal of the interviews is to learn about the treatment process from the patients' experiences. Through these interviews, we hope to identify any unmet needs in the treatment journey from your point of view. Feedback will be used to identify where there may be opportunities to design support programs to improve both the patient and healthcare provider experiences. We would greatly appreciate your help with this important research.

To schedule an interview, please email Lauren Kazmierski at lkazmierski@humancaresystems.com or call at 857-248-0158.  We will offer an honorarium of $75/hr for your time..

Online consultation on patient/provider expectations

A broad cross-section of health-related organizations and patients participed in the Summit Workshops. They defined five foundations for integrated care along with a list of expectations. The purpose of this online consultation is to validate the expectations for each of the five foundations.Please allow 6 minutes to complete. The survey will be available until Friday, April 25, 2014.

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