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Are YOU Kidney Smart??? 
March is Kidney Health Month and BC Renal and The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC & Yukon Branch are sending out the message that you could lose up to 80% of your kidney function and not even know it? It is important for British Columbians to be kidney smart, and when it comes to their kidney health, knowledge is definitelypower.

Most recent episodes

Episode 69:
Warm Hearts and Warm Soles
Episode 68:
Celebrating the Chinese New Year
Episode 67:
Kung Hei Fat Choy!! (Mandarin)
Episode 66:
What's Up in 2019??
Episode 65: 
Happy New Year!
Episode 64:
Happy New Year! (Mandarin)

Episode 63:
Celebrate the Holiday Season with the Kidney Kids
Episode 62:
2018 BC Kidney Days is On!
Episode 61:
Over 2 million kilometers logged and counting
Episode 60:
Over 2 million kilometers logged and counting....(Mandarin)
Episode 59:
The Truth About TOO Much Potassium!
Episode 58:
The Truth About TOO Much Potassium! (Mandarin)
Episode 57: Raising the Flag for Organ Donation
Episode 56:
Raising the Flag for Organ Donation! (Punjabi)
Episode 55:
Up Close and Personal at the Nanaimo Home Dialysis Clinic
Episode 54: PKD - It's All In The Family!
Episode 53:
Kidney Kids Surprise Room Renovations!
Episode 52:
Vancouver 2018 Canadian Transplant Games
Episode 51:
Vancouver 2018 Canadian Transplant Games (Mandarin)
Episode 50: 
Hot & Healthy
Episode 49: 
Kidney Cuisine Cook Off
Episode 48: 
The 2018 Kidney Gala (Part 2 - Mandarin)
Episode 47: 
Episode 46: 
Action!!! It's the 2018 Kidney Gala
Episode 45: 
We Are the Champions
Episode 44
Episode 43: 
Curious about PKD?
Episode 42: 
How Well Do You Know Your Kidney Mate?
Episode 41: 
#Light BC Green! Have You Signed Up?
Episode 40: 
#Light BC Green! Have You Signed Up? (Mandarin)
Episode 39: 
The Challenge is On! Have you signed up?
Episode 38: 
The Truth About Women and Kidney Health
Episode 37: 
Are You Kidney Smart?
Episode 36: 
Celebrating the Chinese New Year!
Episode 35: 
Kung Hei Fat Choy! (Cantonese)
Episode 34:  Touching Hearts this Valentines Day

Episode 33: Still room on your New Year's Resolution List?
Episode 32
Happy New Year!

Episode 31: Holiday Special Show
Episode 30: Easy Riders!
Episode 29: Are You ORGANized??
Episode 28: Jun Hua Chinese Opera Benefit Performance - Part 2
Episode 27: Jun Hua Chinese Opera Benefit Performance - Part 1
Episode 26: These Shoes are Made for Walkin'!
Episode 25: Every Kilometer Counts!
Episode 24: Get the Scoop....on Organ Donation!
Episode 23: Ready...Set...Walk!
Episode 22: Lace It Up!!
Episode 21: Walk, Bike or Boogie with The Kidney Foundation!
Episode 20: Poolside... with PLUGGED IN! 
Episode 19: You're Our Everything ... Thank you to our Volunteers! 
Episode 18: He Shoots! He Scores!
Episode 17: Spring er..... Summer Cleaning for your Kidneys!
Episode 16: Recycle.....Yourself?
Episode 15: Mother’s Day on PLUGGED IN!
Episode 14: Vancouver Vaisakhi Festival 2017!
Episode 13: Our Volunteers ROCK!
Episode 12: Score One for Organ Donation!
Episode 11: Inspirtation, Triumph, Hope! It's the 2017 Kidney Gala!
Episode 10: It's Kidney Health Month!
Episode 9:  Love is in the air and the March Drive gears up on the ground!
Episode 8
: February is Heart and Stroke Month.
Episode 7: Kung Hei Fat Choy!
Episode 6: Ring in 2017 with PLUGGED IN!


Episode 5: Kidney Kids flip over the holidays!
Episode 4: Is there a Doctor in the house?
Episode 3: November is Diabetes Month.
Episode 2: Ghosts Goblins??? It’s Hallowe’en!
Episode 1: Lights! Camera! Action! We're the New Kid in Town 

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