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Book One: Living with reduced kidney function

Cover of book one, Living with reduced kidney functionThe purpose of Living with reduced kidney function is to provide you with information about your kidneys and how they work, the stages of CKD, and steps that can help you to protect your remaining kidney function and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By using this handbook and working with your healthcare team, you will learn how to manage your kidney disease. This means you may be able to delay or prevent symptoms of kidney failure as well as prevent or reduce the risk of other complications such as heart disease.

The information and suggestions in this book are general – you should always seek the advice of healthcare professionals for an assessment and treatment plan that meet your individual needs.

You can download the complete book or download only the chapters that interest you by clicking on the links below.

Book One: Living with reduced kidney function
Table of Content

Download Book One (.pdf)
Download Book One (.docx)

Chapter 1 – How your kidneys work  [download Chapter 1 (.pdf)]   [download Chapter 1 (.docx)]

  • How do kidneys work?
  • Why are kidneys so important?

Chapter 2 – Kidney disease  [download Chapter 2 (.pdf)]   [download Chapter 2 (.docx)]

  • What is chronic kidney disease (CKD)?
  • Understanding CKD
  • Kidney function, symptoms and treatment
  • What causes chronic kidney disease?

Chapter 3 – How you can support your kidney health  [download Chapter 3 (.pdf)]   [download Chapter 3 (.docx)]

  • Manage other medical conditions

Chapter 4 – Managing your medications for kidney health  [download Chapter 4 (.pdf)]   [download Chapter 4 (.docx)]

  • Commonly used medications
  • General tips for managing your medications
  • Covering the cost of medication
  • Medications and remedies to avoid
  • Vaccinations

Chapter 5 – Your diet and nutrition for kidney health  [download Chapter 5 (.pdf)]   [download Chapter 5 (.docx)]

  • The role of protein
  • Limit sodium to 1500 - 2000 milligrams per day
  • Avoid phosphate additives
  • When should I see a dietitian?

Chapter 6 – Living well with reduced kidney function  [download Chapter 6 (.pdf)]   [download Chapter 6 (.docx)]

  • Build a support network
  • Be physically active
  • Be an active member of your healthcare team
  • Use caution when looking for health information on the Internet
  • Your healthcare team

Chapter 7 – Developing a personal care plan of action  [download Chapter 7 (.pdf)]   [download Chapter 7 (.docx)]

  • Create a “health diary”
  • Prepare for medical appointments
  • Set personal goals
  • My personal log

Chapter 8 – If your kidneys fail  [download Chapter 8 (.pdf)]   [download Chapter 8 (.docx)]

  • Uremia

Glossary & Medications list  [download this section (.pdf)]   [download this section (.docx)]

Evaluation Form  [download the evaluation form (.pdf)]    [download the evaluation form (.docx)]   [complete the evaluation form online]

Personal log - extra sheets  [download this section (.pdf)]    [download this section (.docx)]

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