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Book Two: Living with kidney failure

Cover of book two, Living with kidney failure
The information in Living with kidney failure will help you and your family understand the treatment options (dialysis, transplant and non-dialysis supportive care), the importance of advance care planning, gives advice for dealing with practical matters such as work, money and insurance as well as tips for living well with kidney failure.

The information and suggestions in this book are general – you should always seek the advice of healthcare professionals for an assessment and treatment plan that meet your individual needs.

You can download the complete book or download only the chapters that interest you by clicking on the links below.

Book Two: Living with kidney failure
Table of Content

Download Book Two (.pdf)
Download Book Two (.docx)

Chapter 1 – Exploring your treatment options  [download Chapter 1 (.pdf)]   [download Chapter 1 (.docx)]

  • Treatment options
  • Which treatment is best for you?

Chapter 2 – Dialysis  [download Chapter 2 (.pdf)]  [download Chapter 2 (.docx)]

  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Hemodialysis
  • Potential complications and issues with dialysis
  • Overcoming an emergency start on dialysis
  • How to cope in an emergency situation (power failure, weather-related, etc.)

Chapter 3 – Diet and dialysis  [download Chapter 3 (.pdf)]  [download Chapter 3 (.docx)]

  • Why do you need to limit certain types of foods?
  • Peritoneal dialysis and weight gain
  • How a dietitian can help you

Chapter 4 – Transplant  [download Chapter 4 (.pdf)]  [download Chapter 4 (.docx)]

  • The transplant work-up
  • Live donor transplant
  • Deceased donor transplant
  • What is rejection?
  • Anti-rejection medications
  • Important guidelines about medications and your transplant
  • Living well with a kidney transplant
  • General recommendations for good health after a transplant

Chapter 5 – Non-dialysis supportive care  [download Chapter 5 (.pdf)]  [download Chapter 5 (.docx)]

  • Why do people choose non-dialysis supportive care?
  • Palliative care
  • Questions to ask yourself
  • Your feelings
  • Talking with your family and loved ones
  • Where to go for more information

Chapter 6 – Advance care planning  [download Chapter 6 (.pdf)]  [download Chapter 6 (.docx)]

  • What is advance care planning?
  • Some facts about advance care planning
  • Questions to think about for your advance care plan
  • Some benefits of advance care planning
  • Talking with family, friends and your healthcare team
  • Other documents and suggestions to help put your affairs in order
  • Where to go for more information

Chapter 7 – Practical matters: work, money and insurance  [download Chapter 7 (.pdf)]  [download Chapter 7 (.docx)]

  • Working with kidney failure
  • What happens if I cannot work?
  • Income tax credits and deductions
  • Insurance

Chapter 8 – Living well with kidney failure  [download Chapter 8 (.pdf)]  [download Chapter 8 (.docx)]

  • Emotional well-being
  • Sexuality and fertility
  • Physical activity and recreation
  • Travel

Glossary & Medications list  [download this section (.pdf)]  [download this section (.docx)]

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