The Kidney Foundation of Canada

Bresinger Award of Excellence

Nomination Process

  1. A nomination can be made either by a volunteer or a staff member. Nominations made by staff members are powerful statements of peer-to-peer recognition. Nominations made by volunteers are equally as powerful in that they speak to value and appreciation.
  2. All nominations should be submitted via e-mail (or type written if submitted via another medium), the signature page can be sent via fax.
  3. In submitting a nomination for this award, please adhere to the criteria and describe, with specific examples, the individual’s contributions and achievements.
  4. Anyone wishing to make a nomination may contact Teresa Havill, National Director, Human Resources, for assistance in gathering pertinent information related to service on National Committees (dates, roles, etc…) as well as other noteworthy accomplishments of the nominee.
  5. The President and Executive Director (or designates) from the nominee’s location must sign the nomination form, but such signing does not constitute personal endorsement of the nominee, rather it simply means that there is no reason why the nomination should not go forward.
  6. Personal testimonials, although not mandatory, may be considered an important part of the nomination. Should testimonials be submitted, they will be considered significantly more valuable if they come from outside of the Branch/National operation or from outside of the organization itself.

By virtue of the strict criteria inherent in this award, it should be noted that this award is not necessarily bestowed every year.

Download the Nomination Form

Please submit all information by March 31 to:

Teresa Havill, National Director of Human Resources
The Kidney Foundation of Canada
# 310-5160 Decarie Blvd.
Montreal, QC H3X 2H9
Fax: 514-369-2473
Tel: 514-369-4806 ext. 226