Bresinger Award of Excellence

Lawrence D. Bresinger (1934 –1993) was a Founding Member and the first National Executive Director of The Kidney Foundation of Canada. During his 11 years as National Executive Director (1967-1978), the Foundation grew from a small group of individuals to an important Canadian volunteer health charity. His accomplishments at the Foundation were outstanding. In partnership with the volunteer leadership, he contributed to a rapid growth in the Foundation’s membership. Under his leadership, the Foundation saw an increase in public contributions from $3,000 to well over $1 million. This in turn established the Foundation as a vital contributor to the development of renal research in Canada. Lawrence Bresinger truly was instrumental in establishing a national movement of people dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of people living with kidney disease.

Created in 1979 to honour Lawrence D. Bresinger’s outstanding service and dedication to the Mission and goals of The Kidney Foundation of Canada, this award is presented in his name to a staff member whose outstanding effort and performance over a number of years has had an impact which has affected the Foundation on a national basis and has made a significant contribution to the growth and development of the Foundation as a whole.

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The latest recipient for the Bresinger Award of Excellence is:

2019   Elizabeth Myles, National Executive Director

Past recipients of this prestigious award include:

2018   Linda Pellas, National Director of Development
2017   Anthony Tirone, Ontario Branch - Director, Philanthropy & Community Development
2016   Karen Philp, British Columbia Branch
2015   Carole Larouche, National Director of Finance & Jim O'Brien, Ontario Branch Executive Director
2014   Nadine Valk, National Director, Programs & Public Policy
2013   Wendy Kudeba, Ontario Branch - Director of Marketing & Communications
2012   Silvana Anania, National Director of Operations
2011   Lorraine Gerard, British Columbia Branch - Executive Director
2010   Joyce VanDeurzen, Southern Alberta Branch and Saskatchewan Branch - Executive Director
2009   Wim Wolfs,
National Office - National Director of Research
2008   Teresa Havill, National Office - National Director of Human Resources
2007   Guy Langlois, Quebec Branch - Executive Director 
2006   Bryan Culver, National Office - Direct Mail Operations Manager
2005   Jeanne Bisson, National Office - Executive Assistant 
2004   Dinny Holroyd, National Office - National Director, Volunteer & Staff Development
2003   Gavin Turley, National Office - National Executive Director
2002   Linda Pellas, Quebec Branch - Director of Fundraising
2001   Brenda Szabo, Greater Ontario Branch - Executive Director 
2000   Linda Spencer, Southern Alberta Branch - Director of Programs
1999   Elaine Hayter,Greater Ontario Branch - Chapter Manager
1998   Rhonda O’Gallagher, National Office - National Communications Director 
1997   Janet Bick, Central Ontario Branch – Manager ,Provincial Advocacy Program
1996   Francis Ashfield, New Brunswick Branch - Executive Director
1995   Merle Hodnett, Greater Ontario Branch - Director of Patient Services
1994   Dinny Holroyd, Saskatchewan Branch - Executive Director
1993   Valerie Bunz, Calgary Chapter & Southern Alberta - Director of Programs
1992   Joyce VanDeurzen, Calgary Chapter & Southern Alberta - Executive Director
1991   Catherine Serge,National Office - Research Grants Coordinator
1990   Judy Carwell, Edmonton Chapter & Northern Alberta - Executive Director
1989   Merle MacAulay, Manitoba Branch - Executive Director
1988   Don Lamont, Ontario Branch - Executive Director
1987   Ann Munro, British Columbia Branch - Executive Director
1986   Jim Irvine, Nova Scotia Branch - Executive Director
1985   Leona Ship, Ottawa Valley Chapter - Executive Director
1984   Shelley Paris, National Office - Director of Medical Programs
1983   Sheldon Zettler (posthumously), Manitoba Branch - Acting Executive Director
1982   John Sweeney, Ontario Branch - Executive Director
1981   Ruth Fisher, Nova Scotia Branch - Secretary
1980   Linda Pellas, Quebec Branch - Fundraising & Communications Coordinator
1979   Wyn Tyler, Ontario Branch - Office Manager


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