Chinese Renal Association

The Chinese Renal Association, Vancouver is a chapter of the Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC &

Yukon Branch. CRA was formed in January 30th 1993 by a group of renal patients with the

support of Nephrologists, Dr. Anthony Chiu and Dr. Kit Yeung. The association has numerous

goals such as to provide patient services, peer support and to share our own experiences with

new patients and their families. Our association also helps in promoting organ donation

awareness among the Chinese community.


溫哥華 華人腎病互助會是加拿大腎臟基金會卑詩及育空分會屬下的一個組織, 是由一群熱心華人

腎病患者及腎科醫生,趙兆源醫生與中央醫院楊再傑醫生, 支持下於一九九三年一月三十日成立的。

其宗旨為推廣華人社會各界人仕對腎病之認識、預防、器官捐贈之宣傳, 主辦各類護理、營養、

心理講座及病友聯誼活動; 並定期出版 (腎之友), 把有關腎病的各種知識, 以及本會的訊息及活動

通知各會員, 令腎病患者, 可以獲得各種的幫助, 交流患病經歷與心得。


Annual events: Annual Dinner, One day trip/Picnic, Kidney Health Forum and

Christmas Party/Election of committee


The Chinese Renal Association holds three informal peer/family support sessions per

month as follow:

溫哥華 華人腎病互助會每月舉行兩次病友聚會:


1: On the First Day of each month at MacDonald's Restaurant, 1527 Main Street,

Vancouver, BC from 10:30 AM to Noon.

每個月的第一天在溫哥華麥當勞餐廳,1527 Main街,



2: On the First Saturday of each month at Lansdowne Centre, 5300 No.3 Road,

Richmond, BC, from 10:30 am to Noon.

每個月第一個星期六在 Lansdowne 中心,5300第三路,Richmond BC,



3. On the 15th of each month at Royal City Centre Food Court, 610 Sixth Street, New Westminster, BC from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm


Other educational and social events are scheduled throughout the year.

Everyone is welcome.


To view Chinese Renal Association events, please visit: BC & Yukon Branch Events Calendar

To contact the Chinese Renal Association, please email:

CRA presented Cecilia with comfort items to be donated to
the two community dialysis units at Grandview Hwy and West 6th Ave

CRA Chapter Operating Committee

Terry Chan


Patrick Cho 


Ken Lee                   

Patient Services




Patient Services                                         

Kha Leong


Wing Chiu Leung


Elizabeth Ng


Jack Tse


Cathy Wong


Ka Yee Wong


Monica Lee, Acting Secretary

Patient Services


Editor/Patient Services






Liaison Representative


Secretary/Assistant Liaison Representative


Volunteer for the committee

Winnie Yu 

Volunteer for the committee 


Harrison Hot Springs - August 12, 2017



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2017 CRA 25th Anniversary Dinner


Anniversary Dinner -   A video of that captured most of the activities


Dr. Lan's seminar 2016 - Part 1

Dr. Lan's seminar 2016 - Part 2

Healthy Diet for Renal Patients

Looking back 24 years of CRA by Dr. Kit Yeung

Chinese Renal Association Seminar 2015 Part 1 of 2

Chinese Renal Association Seminar 2015 Part 2 of 2


CRA Calendar 2015 

For CRA members


April 11               Annual Dinner, Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant -170 participants, 22 volunteers

May 1                 KFOC Organ Donation Summit, Vancouver Convention Centre – 40 members

May 2                 Volunteers workshop, Pacific Gateway Hotel – 30 members

Aug. 22              Picnicking, Whistler – 50 members

Oct. 31              Fall seminar, VGH Round Room – 70 participants, 25 volunteers

Dec. 12             AGM and Christmas Lunch, Pink Pearl – 60 participants, 10 volunteers


Two (2) monthly gatherings each month at McDonald’s and Lansdowne for all members

For the Public

Feb. 5               New Patients Orientation, St. Paul’s – 7 patients/family, 4 volunteers

March 12        World Kidney Day, health booth set up at Price Smart, Richmond – 10 volunteers

March 27        Workshop at Lutheran Church Vancouver – 70 participants, 6 volunteers 

April 25           Health Fair, CCM Centre, Burnaby – 800 participants, 12 volunteers

May 14           New Patients Orientation, St. Paul’s – 17 patients/family, 6 volunteers

May 29          Video recording at Fairchild TV for June 17 & 18 program – Dr. Yeung, 6 volunteers

June 4            Health Booth at Killarney Centre – 100 participants, 5 volunteers

July 2              Workshop, Killarney Senior Group – 40 participants, 6 volunteers

July 4              Workshop at Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church, Richmond – 30 participants,                                                                 4 volunteers

Aug. 5             New Patients Orientation, St. Paul’s – 12 patients/family, 5 volunteers

Aug. 29          Chinese Opera & Kung Fu Fund Raising, Richmond night market – cancelled                                                       due to weather, fund raised over $9,000

Nov. 5            New Patients Orientation, St. Paul’s – 26 patients/family, 6 volunteers

2015              Individual patients service, average 8 – 10 incoming calls for help/month

2015              Publication of Newsletter in March, July and October, average 500 copies/each

                         edition were distributed to public including dialysis centres, kidney clinics of                                                      

                       hospitals and kidney doctors, nurses, social workers and dietitians, all CRA  members & etc.

2015              The number of CRA voting members has been increased to 170 from last year’s  140 and from 35 four years ago






BC and Yukon Branch - 200-4940 Canada Way, Burnaby BC V5G 4K6 - Tel.: (604) 736-9775 / 1-800-567-8112
Charitable Registration Number: 107567398RR0001