Garage sales are  a wonderful way to participate in the Recycle for Life Program.  Garage Sales provide a second chance at life - for your unwanted stuff - and for people affected by kidney disease. 

Why hold a Kidney Garage Sale?

Well, did you know that 85% of British Columbians surveyed are in favor of organ donation, but only 18% of British Columbians are registered on the organ donor registry? This gap between “will do” and “did do” is costing lives. In BC, over 2,800 kidney patients are currently on dialysis; the wait time for a kidney organ donation is up to five years. Some of those people won’t last. The Kidney Foundation is committed to closing this gap!   By holding your own Kidney Garage Sale in your community you will be joining the movement to help spread the word about organ donation awareness!

 How?  It’s easy and fun!

1. Choose a location!

It could be any place in your community, preferably one that has convenient access and plenty of parking. We suggest that you could hold it in your own back yard, your local community center, or how about your community church?

2. Decide on a date!

It could be any time that works for you.
For instance, it could even be held during spring cleaning!

How WE can help YOU with the Garage Sale.

Having a successful garage sale is HARD work.  It takes time and commitment - But don’t worry, you will be coordinated with us and we are going to help you! Call for The Kidney Foundation Garage Sale Tool Kit which includes:

  • Promotions that the garage sale is going to need (signage, posters, price stickers, ad templates, balloons, etc.).
  • Volunteers that could get your event well organized and make sure the safety during the garage sale.
  • We will help you to advertise your event!  For example, post your garage sale on the internet, local websites for your community, run ads in the local papers or place signs in trees, store windows and wherever else is permitted.

How does this help The Kidney Foundation of Canada and kidney patients in BC?

The first Kidney Garage Sale was held two years ago when a family on the Sunshine Coast of BC held a garage sale as a way to give back to The Kidney Foundation. The wife had donated one of her kidneys to her husband, which enabled her husband to have a second chance at life. During the process, the family had received help and support from The Kidney Foundation and they wanted to do something for the Foundation. The first garage sale raised $500.00. The next year, they raised $1,000. Now the whole community is getting behind this great way to recycle their stuff and support The Kidney Foundation.

Now, you have a chance to help more people by doing this! During the garage sale, you will be provided with Kidney Foundation banners, table displays, kidney health pamphlets, organ donation cards, and kidney hero stickers etc. to hand out to all of your customers. The event will raise awareness of the need for more organ donors; it will raise funds in your community and help many people gain a better understanding of kidney disease. It’s not only about money, garage sales could possibly provide patients a better quality of life and a longer life expectancy.

You too can organize a garage sale! 
Let your unwanted "junk" become someone else's treasure. 

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Tips for Holding a Kidney Garage Sale

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