Our History

In the 1960s, people with kidney failure had little hope of survival. Dialysis was considered an extraordinary treatment and restricted to very few. Transplantation was still experimental.

It was during this time that a young Montreal architect, Morty Tarder, died from kidney disease. Confronted with their son’s death, the Tarder family vowed to start an organization that would raise money for research into this poorly understood disease. In 1964, The Kidney Disease Foundation of Canada, as it was known then, was created in Montreal.

In 2014, The Kidney Foundation of Canada celebrated 50 years of helping Canadians living with kidney disease. View our infographics illustrating our key achievements.

Today, the Kidney Foundation of Canada is the national health charity committed to kidney health and to improved lives for all people living with kidney disease. Our vision for the future is an enduring legacy of those dedicated volunteers who, 50 years ago, started out with a compelling cause and the resolve to make a difference.

British Columbia  & Yukon Branch History

In 1971 a small group of citizens concerned about kidney disease formed The BC Kidney Association. Sergeant Ken Smith of the Vancouver City Police was its Founding President.  Later that year, the Association joined The Kidney Foundation of Canada and became the BC Branch.In 1974, the Branch opened its first office and hired Executive Director, Ann Munroe. Volunteer Branch Presidents have offered their individual leadership talents, which have enabled the Branch to grow into the vital, energetic and life-changing organization it is today. One such visionary was Reginald T. Stott, president from 1981-1984.  He launched the first door to door campaign, which became the National March Drive campaign; started a corporate mail out program that was the forerunner  of the National Direct Mail Program, and created a special dialysis camp for B.C. “kidney kids” that was the model for Camp Dialysun. In the early 1990s, Marcia Bell, who went on to serve the Foundation as National President, helped the Branch develop a strategic plan that emphasized increased efficiency of operations and further Chapter development. Next came improved services and programs for patients, an increased focus on organ donation, the creation of more chapters, new relationships with many service clubs and improved internal and external communications. Under President Anne Nickerson, the Branch’s community relationships were strengthened and in 2002 the first of the kidney suites was opened for transplant patients from out of town. More recently, the Branch initiated the Living Organ Donor Reimbursement Program, (LODERP) another initiative that has been adopted across the country. BC was also instrumental in securing a three-year pledge from CN that has enabled the Targeted Screening Program to be offered Canada-wide.  Today the Branch includes 11 active Chapters located around the province.  These groups of committed volunteers provide support to kidney patients and their families; volunteer their time at dialysis units; promote organ donation; attend health and wellness fairs and participate in fundraising activities.


As of January 2015, we became the BC & Yukon Branch

To learn more about the BC & Yukon Branch History, please view our 50th Anniversary Kidney News

Past Presidents who served the BC Chapter since 1971

Sergeant Ken Smith
Bob Smith
Ann Guimarens
 Ian Carter
Ted Miranda
Reginald T. Stott
George Barclay
Gerald Sinclair
Tony McArthur
Marcia Bell
Rosalie Starzomski
Richard Baker
Sue Peterson
Anne Nickerson
Alan Beaton
Ron Walker
Tony Ramalho
Ken Merkley
Glen Wilson
Dr. Morrison Hurley
Ron Walker
Anne Schultz (Current President)




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