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Welcome to The Kidney Foundation of Canada's  Annual
Door to Door Canvassing Campaign.

Here you can find resources for Volunteer canvassers,
including a description of your volunteer kit,tips on
door to door canvassing, instructions, and links to
useful online resources such as our
Online Canvassing Page.

Not yet a canvasser? Call us Toll-Free at
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March Door to Door Canvasser Information

Thank you for saying YES to canvassing door to door for The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC Branch during Kidney Health Month this March.  Your time and commitment is what makes the difference.  Our data indicates that each canvasser collects an average of $90 per kit - so your role is very important.


  • An official tax receipt book (used to keep track of all donations)
  • A March Drive bookmark (given to everyone who donates or left when there is no answer at the door.
  • A volunteer button (Canvassers are to wear these to identify themselves as Kidney Foundation volunteers)
  • A money envelope (all money collected goes into the envelope)Canvasser information pamphlet (hashelpful hints on how to use receipt books)
  • Canvasser Entry Form for a chance to win great prizes
  • Route information is located on the front cover of your receipt book. Maps are available for those who request them. Please email Marie Hesse at or call 604.736.9775 TF: 1.800.567.8112 Ext 225.


  • Please be aware that you are issuing permanent official tax receipts.
  • Place the cardboard divider behind each receipt  before you write to prevent information transfer.
  • Please PRINT donor's name, address, amount, date, and sign the receipt.  Give the white copy to the donor.
  • When a donation is made, always complete a receipt - when a receipt is not requested, make it out as Anonymous.
  • Spoiled receipts should be marked "VOID" and both copies of the receipt must be left in the receipt book.
  • All receipts must have a cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard square checked off.
  • Donations made by cheque are made payable to The Kidney Foundation of Canadfa.
    The yellow copy remains in the book.
  • Before returning your kit to yourZone Leader, make sure that the amount of cash agrees with the receipts and record the receipt book totals on the front of the receipt book.


  • Please try to canvass early, but only between March 1 and March 31. The best time to canvass is between 6 and 8 pm weekdays or on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
  • Make your own pledge first. (Be sure to have your Zone Leader sign your receipt.) You may feel more comfortable asking others for support if you made a commitment first. 
  • It is helpful to carry coins or small bills to make change.
  • When canvassing, please wear your volunteer button and be sure to carry your canvasser kit and a ball point pen. This will help identify you as a volunteer canvasser for the Kidney Foundation. 
  • When making your approach to neighbours introduce yourself as a Kidney Foundation volunteer and tell them you are collecting donations for kidney research and patient services.
  • The most commonly asked question when canvassing is
    "How does The Kidney Foundation spend the money that it raises? 
    ANSWER:  Money raised supports kidney related research programs and services to BC patients including:   
    sending kids to camp, providing emergency grants, offering housing for post transplant and transplant 
     patients, conducting public education and promoting  organ donation.
  • If the householder says they give to United Way, explain that we are not part of that organization, nor are we subsidized by the government.  If they still do not want to donate, thank them for their time.
  • When no one is at home, record the address on a spare sheet and call back another day. 
    If no one is at home the second time, please leave a bookmark in their mailbox.
    (individuals can donate online)
  • All donations are to be kept confidential.
  • Be sure to fill out the Canvasser Entry Form for a chance of winning great prizes.


  • When you have finished canvassing call your Zone Leader to arrange for drop off or pick up of your kit.
  • Your kit should contain the Zone Leader's name, address and phone number.  If you don't have your Zone Leader's contact information, please contact Marie Hesse at the Branch office (number below.)
  • All kits should be given back to your Zone Leader no later than 2nd Monday in April


Thank you for representing The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC Branch.  Your support will help improve the lives of British Columbians living with kidney disease.  If you require additional information, please call Marie Hesse at 1-800-567-8112 ext 225 or email






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