Imagine a world where everyone

who needs a kidney - gets one.
Saving Lives through Organ Donation
The Issue
Kidney disease is a silent killer. Dialysis allows patients to survive for a time, but only a kidney transplant let's them live.  Right now there are over 3,500 British Columbians on dialysis and 50% of them will die before they get a kidney transplant. 
The Challenge
95% of British Columbians say they support organ donation, but only
20% have actually registered on the official organ donor registry.
The Goal
To increase the number of registered organ donors in BC by 50% before 2020
We cannot stand by while people die needlessly.  We must act now to give hope to kidney patients who need a life-saving transplant.
Our vision:  everyone who needs a kidney, get's one.
Why Us?
80% of all transplants are kidneys.
... The Kidney Foundation exists to help prevent or delay the onset of kidney disease.  We also support patients with kidney disease while they are on dialysis and we promote organ donation to save lives.  We are here to help each and every kidney patient until there is a cure.
We also know that when someone registers as an organ donor, up to 8 people may ultimately benefit from this generous gift.
Please stay tuned as, in the next 5 years, we aim to half the wait-time for patients in need of a kidney transplant.
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Organ Donation

Organ Donation

Organ donation saves lives and restores health. A kidney transplant is not a cure, but represents the best possible improvement to health and quality of life for many people living with kidney failure. The only other life-sustaining treatment option is dialysis to artificially clean the blood.

The need for organs for transplantation is far greater than the available supply. In 2017, 4333 Canadians were on a waiting list for a transplant. Of those, 78% were waiting for a kidney. Waiting times vary from a few months to several years, depending on a variety of factors.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is working with healthcare, industry and government representatives to improve organ donation rates. The Foundation encourages Canadians to make a positive decision regarding organ donation and to discuss their wishes with their family.



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