Launched on June 19, 2017, The Living Donor Mentor Program is available for anyone who is considering being a living kidney donor to a recipient in BC or the Yukon.  This free, peer support program offers to match potential living donors with mentors who have already donated a kidney.

Please call 1-866-390-PEER (7337) to start the conversation about living kidney donation. 

This peer support is available to those already committed to being a living donor as well as those yet to make the decision. Thirteen mentors from all walks of life are available to support and inform about their living donor experience.

Peer Support


Because a diagnosis of kidney disease can be emotionally as well as physically challenging, The Kidney Foundation of Canada has introduced the KIDNEY CONNECT Peer Support Program to provide the kind of one-on-one support you and your family may need.

The program is here to help anyone touched by kidney disease. For example, people who have been diagnosed with kidney disease or those whose kidneys have failed, as well as their friends, families and loved ones can all use the service. It's also there for those who are considering donating one of their kidneys to someone in need.

The Peer Support program lets you speak with someone who truly understands what it's like to live with kidney disease, and is willing to share their own experiences with you. Peer Support volunteers do not offer medical advice but they can tell you about their kidney disease and how they balance their treatment with family life, work and social activities. They'll be able to answer many of your questions, because they've been there, too. 

To request peer support now, call 1 866 390-PEER (7337) or use our online form

To connect online with other people living with - and affected by - kidney disease, visit

For more information on the KIDNEY CONNECT Peer Support Program, call 1 866 390-PEER (7337) or contact your local Kidney Foundation branch office.

Download our brochure, "The KIDNEY CONNECT Peer Support Program" (pdf)

Community Groups

In BC, several volunteer Chapters and other Community Groups have been formed in order to support the mission of The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC & Yukon Branch.These groups may provide any or all of the following:

  • Fundraising events
  • Public education at local health fairs, parades, etc.
  • Organ donation awareness
  • Patient visitation and comfort items
  • Social activities

For more information on programs and activities in your community, contact your local chapter.



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