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The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to improving the health and quality of life for those who live with kidney disease. You can make a very real contribution to the success of this mission, both today and in the future, through Planned Giving.

A variety of Planned Giving options are outlined on this page.  For more detailed information, we invite you to contact Linda Pellas ( or call 1-800-361-7494, ext. 248).


Your will ensures that even after death, you retain the absolute control of your estate. This means your wishes will be respected, without creating additional heartache and unnecessary legal tangles for your loved ones. For many individuals, a will also provides a means of continuing a commitment to a worthy charitable organization, such as The Kidney Foundation of Canada. 

A bequest to the Foundation may be designated in a number of ways:

  • A Specific Bequest is a specific gift, usually of cash, but sometimes of real estate, securities or cultural properties.
  • A Potential Bequest is a gift that takes effect only if the principal beneficiary does not survive the donor.
  • A Universal Bequest comprises the total estate.
  • A Residual Bequest gives the Foundation any portion of the estate that remains after specific bequests, debts and taxes are paid.

The Gift of Life Insurance

By naming The Kidney Foundation of Canada as the owner and irrevocable beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you can plan a generous gift while gaining tax credits, and even reducing the financial burden of carrying an insurance policy. Whether you give a new or existing policy, the cash surrender value is considered to be a charitable donation, making your gift much larger than the cost of any premiums. At the same time, premium payments still owing are recognized with income tax credits, which offset a large portion of the premiums themselves.

A gift through life insurance offers benefits beyond the financial. It is independent of any bequest you wish to leave your loved ones in your will, and it forwards the amount payable to the Foundation rapidly, without affecting your estate.

The Gift of Securities

With the federal government’s elimination of the capital gains tax on gifts of publicly traded securities, giving a gift of stock has become a convenient and tax effective way of supporting the Foundation.  Please consult with your financial institution to make your gift today.

Download the form for the Gift of Publicly Traded Securities

The Gift-in-Kind

A Gift-in-kind allows you to support the mission of the Foundation with a non-cash gift such as real estate, securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.), jewellery or works of art. In some cases, you donate the item, receive tax benefits, and continue to use and enjoy the item during your lifetime.

The Charitable Gift Annuity

You can create a charitable gift annuity and retain the income while appointing the Foundation as the irrevocable benificiary. In most cases a charitable tax receipt can be issued now. Part of your gift will be used to finance the annuity income, while the remaining portion will support ongoing Foundation initiatives.

Beyond the satisfaction of contributing to a valuable cause - and the recognition that comes with it - donors who choose this Planned Giving option enjoy an increase in after-tax cash flow today, plus worry-free, guaranteed income tomorrow.

The Charitable Remainder Trust

If the idea of gifting property of substantial value while retaining the benefit of the income it generates appeals to you, a Charitable Remainder Trust may be the best Planned Giving option for you. Funded with cash, securities or real estate, you create the trust by making an irrevocable gift of the remainder interest to the Foundation. Only the Foundation can remove capital from the trust, which may be managed by you or by professional managers.

A Charitable Remainder Trust generates an immediate tax receipt. In addition, it allows the donor to use the annual income for life or a specified period of time. Other attractions of this type of gift are the confidentiality and certainty it provides. A Trust gift is not included in your estate, and, unlike a bequest, it cannot be challenged in court.



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