Educational Resources

The Kidney Foundation provides education materials to people with kidney disease, hospital dialysis units and the general public. These materials are provided free of charge to any Canadian living with kidney disease and can be obtained from your local renal unit or your local Kidney Foundation Branch Office.

Living with Kidney Disease Manual

Our comprehensive Living with Kidney Disease manual is a valuable source of information on how kidneys work, the different types of kidney disease, treatment options, eating for health and more. This manual is published in English, French, Italian, Chinese and Punjabi: audiotapes, DVDs and online versions are also available.


The Kidney Foundation also produces a series of educational brochures available in electronic and print formats.  The printed version of the brochures can be obtained from your local Kidney Foundation Branch or Chapter.

Fact Sheets

Our Fact Sheets offer detailed information on specific topics. Fact Sheets are only available in electronic format and can be downloaded from this website.

Additional Resources Available through the BC & Yukon Branch

To receive a copy of these or any of our videos, call the Director of Programs at  604-736-9775 x 227 or 1-800-567-8112.


  • Living Well Cookbook
  • E. coli Bacteria: What You Need to Know (pdf)
  • Care Partner's Guide: A Guide for Family and Friends of People Living with Kidney Disease
  • Employment Guide: A Guide to Living and Working with Kidney Disease
  • Self Advocacy Guide: Take Responsibility, Take Control, Take Charge, Take Action
  • Exercise Information: Developing Endurance, Developing Muscle Strength, Developing Flexibility




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