See Kidney Disease (SeeKD) Targeted Screening Program

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is proud to have launched Canada’s first national targeted screening program for chronic kidney disease (CKD). The program, titled "See Kidney Disease" or SeeKD, will enable The Kidney Foundation to fulfill one of its cornerstone mandates: early detection and prevention of chronic kidney disease (CKD).  Since this project is national in scope, The Kidney Foundation will be able to collect data and information about screening and prevention, early detection and management of CKD.

The goals of SeeKD are:

  • Identify individuals who are at risk or may have CKD;
  • Promote self-management behaviours to prevent or delay the progression of CKD;
  • Generate evidence-based data which can be used to inform public policy initiatives for prevention, early detection and management of CKD.

The Kidney Foundation branches are organizing targeted screening events in areas with a high percentage of at-risk population and in more public venues (e.g. municipal offices, shopping centers, community centers, health fairs, etc.)

Who’s at Risk?

Individuals with diabetes, hypertension, evidence of vascular disease, family history of kidney disease, from certain ethnic groups and/or that are over 55 years of age are considered to be at risk of CKD. At-risk populations include people of Aboriginal, Asian and South Asian, Pacific Island, African/Caribbean and Hispanic descents.

Screening: Three Simple Tests

Screening for CKD requires three simple tests: blood pressure, urine and blood testing. If you are in a risk category and interested in getting screened for CKD, please look at our Event Calendar to find a SeeKD Targeted Screening Event near you. If you are at risk and cannot find a screening event in your region, then please consult your physician or local clinic to “Request the Tests”.


The SeeKD targeted screening program is made possible through a generous donation from Canadian National Railway Company (CN). In recognition for its outstanding contribution, CN was awarded the 2013 Kidney Foundation of Canada National Fund Development Award.


SeeKD Screenings in British Columbia


For more information, call Laurie Mark at 1-800-567-8112, ext. 232



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