Services & Support

Services & Support in BC & Yukon

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to patient services, public education, organ donation awareness, peer and community support and communications. The BC & Yukon Branch is able to offer a well integrated system which emphasizes the following programs and services. 

Information and Referral

Foundation staff and volunteers cannot offer direct medical advice, but we can provide useful information about kidney disease and treatment options. Information and referral services are intended to guide patients through the sometimes confusing and stressful process of adjusting to living with kidney disease.

Please call 604-736-9775 Local 227 or 1-800-567-8112 to speak to the Director of Programs.

Publications and Educational Materials


  Living with Kidney Disease Manual

The Kidney Foundation of Canada provides, free of charge, a comprehensive “Living with Kidney Disease” manual to all individuals diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and followed by a nephrologist.  The manual is generally distributed through renal clinics in the province.  Topics covered in the manual include function of the kidney, types of kidney disease, treatment options, early signs of kidney disease, transplantation, diet and lifestyle.  The manual is available in print in English, French, Punjabi, Chinese, Italian and Portuguese and on CD for the visually impaired.  Additional copies can be purchased through the BC & Yukon Branch office for $25.00.  

Click here for more information or to download the Manual in one of the languages available

  Additional videos, pamphlets, brochures, fact sheets and newsletters

The Foundation produces videos (available in English, French, Chinese and Punjabi) which combine patient perspective with medical information, as well as information pamphlets, fact sheets and newsletters on specific aspects of living with kidney disease.  New brochures are added each year and most brochures are available on-line. Individual copies of print materials can be mailed out as requested from the Branch office.  Videos are also available through the Branch office.

Financial and Practical Assistance

You will find information about our Grants and Loans, Kidney Suites, LODERP program and Short-term financial assitance program by visting our British Columbian & Yukon Financial Assistance page.  

Kidney Suites

The "Kidney Suites" is a unique program offered by the BC & Yukon Branch.  Developed through a partnership with the New Chelsea Society and BC Housing, five suites are available to renal patients from outside the Lower Mainland who are recuperating from a kidney transplant. Read more about Kidney Suites

B.C. Camp for Kidney Kids

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC & Yukon Branch, offers kids affected by kidney disease the chance to experience a summer adventure while attending to their individual safety and medical well-being.  Read more about Kidney Camp for Kids

LODERP (Living Organ Donor Expense Reimbursement Program)

LODERP provides financial reimbursement of eligible expenses to living kidney and liver donors. For more information about LODERP, please call Heather Johnson at 1 800 567 8112 or (604) 736-9775 ext 227 or visit our LODERP page  to download the appropriate documentation.

Community Groups

In BC and the Yukon, volunteer Chapters and other Community Groups have been formed in order to support the mission of The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC & Yukon Branch.These groups may provide any or all of the following:

  • Fundraising events
  • Public education at local health fairs, parades, etc.
  • Organ donation awareness
  • Patient visitation and comfort items
  • Social activities

For more information on programs and activities in your community, contact your local chapter.

 Peer Support

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC & Yukon Branch has a peer support program called Kidney Connect.  This program provides an opportunity for people affected by kidney disease to talk to others who have been there too.  The program is staffed by a team of volunteers who have been especially trained as mentors for people with kidney disease and their families and friends. Volunteers provide support by telephone.  Call 1-866-390-7337

Most people have never heard of kidney disease until it affects them, or someone they care about. Though more than 30,000 Canadians are currently being treated for kidney failure, finding information about the treatments, options and support available can be difficult. 

Assistance is available to help kidney patients locate the information and resources they need to learn more about how they can manage kidney disease, and the impact it has on their lives.  Regardless of where you live in Canada, these services are available to you.

To promote a better understanding of kidney disease and of support and resources available to all patients, including patients whose first language is not English or French, over the years The Kidney Foundation has also helped to develop services and resources in other languages, such as Chinese, Italian and Punjabi.

Click here for a list of activities and resources available in Chinese

The Kidney Foundation of Canada branches and chapters across the country offer four vital services:






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