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 Whether you’re in high school, a full-time employee, a working parent, or newly retired – there are opportunities available to suit your particular needs and circumstances.Short-term and longer-term opportunities for people of all ages to volunteer are available – locally, regionally and nationally.   Would you like to:

  • Help others – get involved in activities that will lift the spirits and brighten the future of someone affected by kidney disease.
  • Strengthen ties within your community – educate and engage others in important health issues.
  • Gain experience – learn how to organize events, collaborate with others and develop your communication and leadership skills.
  • Share you knowledge and expertise – serve on boards or committees, and use your experiences and perspectives to solve problems and influence change.
  • Explore your skills – apply your talents, and discover new ones!
  • Meet new people – participate in a variety of events and make new friends.
  • Have some fun! – play in a golf tournament, or host a special event.


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Kidney Squad Site

The BC and Yukon Kidney Squad intranet site is the central hub where volunteers, Chapter Board members and everyone connected to the BC & Yukon Branch can find a wealth of information, template documents, event ideas and peer -to-peer support for every aspect of volunteering.  for a login access to the BC & Yukon Kidney Squad pelase contact:


BC & Yukon Branch Office



Toll Free: 1.800. 567.8122


Volunteer Opportunities 


Join the BC & Yukon Branch Volunteers. We're 7,000 strong!                                                                                                   

Being a volunteer at The Kidney Foundation, BC & Yukon Branch, means joining a dynamic and diverse group of people who share a common purpose: to make a difference in the lives of those living with kidney disease across BC and Yukon.

Volunteering is a positive and rewarding experience. It encourages creativity and personal growth in a respectful and supportive environment. Volunteers make our work possible – from funding vital research, to advocacy, to promoting a greater understanding and awareness of kidney health and organ donation.

We need you to help volunteer! W  Join the BC & Yukon Branch Volunteers. Were 6,000 strong province wide!                                                                                                   

Whether you’re in high school, a full-time employee, a working parent, or newly retired, there are short- and long-term opportunities available to suit your particular needs and circumstances. You can volunteer as part of a local chapter or at the BC & Yukon Branch office.  

Benefits of Volunteering at the Kidney Foundation

  • Work with a national health organization who is a leader in the promotion of kidney health and kidney-related research programs

  • Meet new people while helping raise awareness about kidney disease and organ donation registration

  • Share knowledge and expertise and use it to contribute to the work of the Kidney Foundation and influence change

  • Engage with others and get involved in activities that will lift the spirits and brighten the future of those affected by kidney disease

  • Strengthen ties within your community: engage and educate others in important health issues

  • Develop your communication and leadership skills and discover new ones!

  • Lend your wealth of experience and professional background to your local KFOC Chapter or Board of Governance

  • Provide patient services in your local community as a member of the local chapter

  • Spread kidney awareness through social media campaigns, using your creative ideas and social communication skills

  • Contribute to innovative awareness campaigns that can make a difference in your community. Think: flash mob!

BC and Yukon Branch - 200-4940 Canada Way, Burnaby BC V5G 4K6 - Tel.: (604) 736-9775 / 1-800-567-8112
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