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Dr. Serge Lemay 

Dr. Serge Lemay

McGill University Health Centre Research Institute, QC

Role of Dok-4-mediated interactions in growth factor signaling and acute kidney injury

2018-2020:  $100,000 |  Biomedical Research Grants  |  Category: Kidney biology, renal failure

Lay Summary

In response to acute kidney injury, growth factors produced naturally in the kidney help the damaged tissue to regenerate. In animals with acute kidney injury, systemic administration of excess growth factors further improves tissue repair. Unfortunately, these beneficial effects have not been seen in human clinical trial of growth factors in acute kidney injury. We propose that the beneficial effects of growth factors in acute kidney injury could be increased by inhibiting Dok-4, a protein that normally attenuates the function of several growth factor receptors at multiple steps of their action. We have identified novel protein-protein interactions that help Dok-4 perform its function. In this study, we will examine the molecular events that underlie Dok-4 function in cells and will examine if genetic mutation of Dok-4 in mice can indeed facilitate kidney recovery following acute kidney injury. The ultimate goal is to target Dok-4 itself or its key interacting partners to facilitate recover of acute kidney injury.