Community Heroes: Saving Lives Through Organ Donation

People across BC & the Yukon are saving lives of people waiting for an urgent life-saving transplant. Thank you for joining our campaign to “Save Lives Through Organ Donation”.  Support is growing for increasing organ donor registration from numerous organizations and groups including:

Want to register your wishes as an organ donor? Click here.

Want to learn more or get involved?  Would you like to join our campaign?  It’s easy. Send an email to Deborah at  

You've agreed to be a hero.  Now what?

First - thank you!  

Second -  congratulations on joining our League of Super Heroes!

The following step-by-step guide will give you everything you need to encourage organ donor registration in your organization.  We call it a Hero Blitz – but you can call it anything you want!   Simply follow the hyperlinks or click on a PDF, print off what you need and go!

Remember – our campaign encourages people to register their wishes – either yes or no – on the official Organ Donor registry.  People are not being asked to be organ donors – only to register their wishes.

Registration Blitz - 9 EASY STEPS

1)  You are going to need Posters to print off and post around your workplace/lunchroom. Remember to put your name and where/ how to reach you in the bottom section of the poster.

2)  Why not share a short video during your staff meeting?

3)  Looking for something to put in your company newsletter or e-blast, see the example newsletter ad (which can be sized to meet your needs) or template article.

4)  Perhaps you would like a banner for your intranet?

5)  Be proud of how your organization is making a difference in the lives of those needing life-saving transplants. Consider adding the official seal to your website, newsletters or on social media.

6)  Feeling social?  Try some of these Suggested Tweets.

7)  Have some information about organ donation handy at your desk for those colleagues who want to know more.

8)  Why not celebrate your colleagues who become a Hero?  Encourage people to wear their hero badge by simply printing the badges here on mailing labels, and giving them to people who have registered their wishes.

9)  Want to celebrate your organization’s support for saving lives?  Click here for a Template News Release.

If you get stuck or have any questions, please feel free to call or email Deborah: 604.736.9775 x 230. Also let us know if you have been successful!  We’ll help you celebrate if everyone in your organization is registered.  Super Heroes deserve recognition!!!!

Take a bow! 


Thank you for joining our small but mighty team!



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