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Champion (noun); one, who fights for another,
or for a cause.

A champion as defined by the New Webster's Dictionary is someone who fights for another or for a cause - a title so aptly deserving of the many March Drive volunteers who brave the elements to make a difference in the lives of their friends and neighbours living with kidney disease. We caught up with a couple of volunteers to ask them why they choose to participate in the annual door to door campaign. 

We would like to hear your story? Why do you volunteer for the annual March Drive door to door campaign. Please email us at and share your volunteer experience.


Robert Henry, Richmond HillMarch Drive volunteer Robert Henry

March drive volunteers like Robert Henry are key to the success of the campaign. Robert has been volunteering in his Richmond Hill Community for 24 years. 

After seeing the support, compassion and care that his sister received while living with kidney disease, he wanted to find a way to help The Kidney Foundation. “Having started out as a canvasser when my sister’s kidneys failed, I’ve willingly volunteered for the March Drive in an effort to try and repay for the wonderful support she received.”

Each year Robert looks forward to re-connecting with the wonderful people at The Kidney Foundation eager to see if any new canvassers have joined the ranks. We are tremendously thankful for the many dedicated volunteers like Robert who help us raise funds through our door to door campaign to support programs and services that support those affected by kidney disease.


Dewi Jones, Lakefield, Ontario

Dewi Jones canvasses his Lakefield, Ontario community each March in support of The Kidney Foundation. In fact, he is the only canvasser in his community. If there is such a thing as a March Drive superstar – Dewi would be it. He has single-handedly raised over $8000 in the last three years. Donations from the door-to-door canvass have risen in his community over the last three years, and he is anxious to see if the trend will continue.

Dewi is no stranger to kidney disease. Dewi’s wife of 50 years, was advised in December 2007 that her kidneys were failing as a result of her diabetes and she would need dialysis to survive. “Having witnessed not only my late wife’s struggle, but the struggle of so many other dialysis patients inspired me to help” said Dewi.

After responding to a request in a local paper seeking canvassers for The Kidney Foundation’ s March Drive, Dewi began canvassing door to door in hopes of making a difference. “I felt it was something I could do, to contribute towards the future possibility of a cure for kidney disease,” he commented.

March Drive canvassers like Dewi Jones know first-hand the challenges of kidney disease. Inspired to make a difference, at 80 years, Dewi is an inspiration for his tremendous support.


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