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Kidney Health Research Grants


Please note that the Biomedical Research Grant is now called the Kidney Health Research Grant.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is pleased to announce that the value of this grant has increased to $120,000 over two years with a maximum of $60,000 per year.

Please note: the French version of the on-line application system is not available at this time. To apply in French, all forms and policies for the 2020 competition can be found through The Kidney Foundation of Canada's website.

Kidney Health Research Grants provide financial support to medical researchers to assist in defraying the operating costs of research, which may include the purchase of materials, supplies and equipment and the payment of laboratory assistants.

Grants are available for one, two or three years, commencing July 1, for up to $60,000 per year. The research must be carried out in Canada.


Kidney Health Research Grant -  Policies

Policy on Indirect Costs of Research

Best Practices for Writing a Plain Language Summary

The Art of Grantsmanship: (Helpful pointers on preparing funding applications.)



NEW!! The Kidney Health Research Grant competition has moved to an on-line application system. All forms, policies and procedures can be found on the proposalCENTRAL website. Please click here to reach proposalCENTRAL. To apply through this site, you will have to set up a profile, and then search for “Kidney Health Research Grant” or “Kidney” under "Grant Opportunities" and fill out the Kidney Health Research Grant application. Please allow extra time to review the system before the registration deadline of September 01, 2019. 

2020 Competition - Important Dates 

COMPETITION (two stage process) DEADLINE
Letter of Intent September 01, 2019
Full Application October 01, 2019
Notice of Decision May 2020
Funding Start Date July 1st, 2020

If the deadline falls during a weekend, or on a holiday, the deadline will be the next working day.

Revisions to applications will not be accepted after the deadline.

The Kidney Health Research Grant Policies 2020 Competition supersede all previous Kidney Foundation of Canada Biomedical Research Grant Policies. Applicants should always refer to the latest version. The Kidney Foundation of Canada may, without notice, alter the programs or terms of a grant. Any major changes will be announced immediately on the KFOC website at, or on the proposalCENTRAL site. The Kidney Foundation of Canada reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and policies. Applicants should contact the National Director of Research or the Associate, Research Grants and Awards as required.

For further information on application submissions, please contact:

Christine Marquis
Research Grants and Awards Manager
Telephone: (514) 369–4806, ext. 232
Fax: (514) 369–2472

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