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Fundraising Tips

Learn how to get the best results in your fundraising campaign.


1. Ask for Action

Don’t just tell people you are participating in the Give the Gift of Life Walk. Ask them to support you, to join you. Use words like “Donate Now!” or “Join My Team” to inspire action.

Sample: I’m taking steps to fight kidney disease. Please donate to my Give the Gift of Life Walk fundraising efforts. (insert  personal fundraising link) Each day 15 Canadians learn their kidneys have failed; it was a diagnosis my family was not prepared to hear. We’re joining together to make a difference at The Kidney Foundation’s Give the Gift of Life Walk. Join my team (insert link to your team page).

2. Share Your Story

Tell your friends about why you are walking. Share with them your own personal kidney journey and how important the cause is to you. Then ask them to share with their own network of friends.

3. Raisin’ the Bar

Using our online fundraising program makes it easy for friends to share, like and re-post your messages. Encourage your friends to like your personal fundraising page and share it with others to broaden your network.

4. Keep them Updated

Keep people aware of your progress through your social media channels. Just short of your goal? Let people know what it will take to reach it. 

Sample: I’m just a few steps away from accomplishing my goal to raise $1,000 for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. Will you help me reach my goal by donating $25 to my walk effort? (insert personal fundraising link)

5. Saying Thanks is as Important as the Ask

Saying thanks publicly through social media is one way to make sure your donors know how much you value their support.

Sample: Thank you (insert donors name) for supporting The Kidney Foundation’s Give the Gift of Life Walk. Your gift has brought me one step closer to reaching my fundraising goal and more importantly it is helping to ease the burden of kidney disease.

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