The Kidney Foundation of Canada

The 2017 Kidney Foundation of Canada Circle of Excellence Award

This new award, created in 2017, recognizes an individual staff member’s (or members’) outstanding accomplishment(s) in a given calendar year. It is presented to a staff member (or group of staff) who has gone “above and beyond” the scope of their current position by, for example, involvement in a special project, realization of a significant achievement, or a significant accomplishment which has had an impact on the Foundation on a national basis. This award is open to staff at all levels of the organization across the country with at least 2 years of service. More than one award may be presented in a given year.

The Kidney Walk Working Group

Formed in 2016, the Kidney Walk Working Group, chaired by Trina Ralph and including Marie Hesse, Wendy Kudeba, Linda Pellas, Daniela Piotrowski, Ed Saunders, and Bruno Tousignant worked with staff across the country to develop a unified branding campaign for Kidney Walks, the cornerstone of The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s fundraising efforts.

The group worked tirelessly to find ways to increase and improve Kidney Walk visibility. Together they created new marketing tools, including a new Kidney Walk website design and logo that was rolled out across the country in 2017.

Their important contributions have made, and will continue to make, an enormous impact on The Kidney Foundation of Canada.  We are grateful to the Kidney Walk Working Group for advocating collaboration and consensus.

The Kidney Walk Working Group

From left to right: Ed Saunders, Linda Pellas,
Trina Ralph and Wendy Kudeba.