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We have provided a list of frequently asked questions below. If you do not see your question, please call your local Kidney Car Hotline.

I have a vehicle to donate, what is the procedure?
Fill out the online Kidney Car form completely and submit it. Once the confirmation page is displayed the form is directed to the office as an e-mail so there is no need to print it out. After you have submitted the online form, you will be contacted by our tow service within 24 hrs to arrange vehicle pick-up.

Do I sign the ownership over to the Kidney Foundation?
Yes. However please fill in the “new owners” name  section with the name of our towing service companies name. Our towing service company will call you after your submit your online donation to confirm your address, at this time you may confirm their company name and fill in that section with their name.

Will I be contacted before my vehicle is towed away?
Yes, the tow service will call you to make the arrangements.

When will my vehicle be picked up?
The removal of vehicles is made during regular business hours. From 8:00a.m. until 5:00p.m. Monday to Friday. Depending on certain circumstances, the tower may arrange a different time slot. This is all in the sole discretion of the towing company.

Do I hand over the ownership at the time of pick-up?
Yes, please ensure that you have dated it and signed it before you hand it over to the tow truck operator. 

Do I have to be present for the removal?
No, if you are going to be unavailable for the removal, please leave your signed ownership and the car keys in the glove box for the scheduled removal date.

Will you still accept my car without the ownership?
No. Unfortunately, we require the ownership to verify proof of registration.  If you do not have the ownership, please go to your local Ministry of Transportation office to have a new ownership issued.

I am the Executor/Executrix or Power of Attorney, may I sign the ownership?
Yes you may as long as you provide a copy of the will.

How long does this whole process take?
Once we receive donation information, it should take no more than 48 hours for the vehicle to be towed away.  

Is there a charge for this service?
No, your vehicle will be towed away absolutely free if it's within the area boundaries.

I live in a very rural area, can you still pick-up my vehicle?
Please call your local Kidney Car Hotline to verify that service is available in your area.

My car is in rough shape and it won’t start. Will you still accept it?
Yes. However your vehicle must have ALL 4 tires on it, otherwise we will not be able to tow it away.

Do you accept boats?
In certain geographical areas we accept RVs, boats, motorcycles and heavy equipment as well as passenger vehicles. To find out if your local Kidney Car programs accepts other types of vehicles besides cars and trucks please contact you local Kidney Car Hotline.

What vehicles do you NOT accept?
Vehicles with missing tires; vehicles that are full of garbage; vehicles that have liens, unpaid parking tickets, and outstanding debts; vehicles that can not be accessed by tow truck.

What classifies as not accessible to tow truck?
Vehicle must have accessibility to front or rear. Vehicles with missing wheels and tires.

How do you determine the value of the tax receipt?
Vehicles donated to Kidney Car can be recycled or sold, depending on the region. For example, in Quebec, special conditions apply and these vehicles can only be recycled. Depending on the geographical area there is a pre-determinable amount for vehicles that are recycled. Please call your local Kidney Car Hotline to be advised of this amount. Donation value tax receipts are reflective of automotive recycling market conditions which vary. However if you feel your vehicle is worth more please contact your local Kidney Car Hotline and they will be able to give you a location to take your vehicle to to have it appraised for a tax receipt value.   

How do you determine if you will resell my vehicle ?
We determine if it’s saleable by the condition of the vehicle. The year, kilometers, body condition, engine condition, make and model are the main factors. Some geographical areas are not able to resell vehicles. Please call your local Kidney Car Hotline to receive more information.

Can I drop off my vehicle at the recycler?
Yes. Call your local Kidney Car Hotline for directions to the nearest drop off location if available in your area.

What if my vehicle is not resold?
It will be recycled.

Does my vehicle need to be certified and e-tested in order to donate?

Should I cancel my auto insurance before I donate?
No, please cancel your auto insurance once the vehicle has been towed away.

When will I receive my tax receipt?
You will receive a tax receipt within the year you donated the vehicle.  

How are the proceeds from the Kidney Car program used?
They are used to fund a variety of programs including educational programs, organ donation awareness and medical research for the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Why would this be a better option than selling my car?
Kidney patients benefit from your generous donation. Close to 2 million Canadians have kidney disease or are at risk. Your car donation will help in the fight against kidney disease. Also, it is an easy, hassle free way of disposing your vehicle. We will take care of coordinating the pick of your vehicle and its disposal.




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