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The Kidney Car Program


When you donate your vehicle to our Kidney Car program everyone benefits!

You Do

* Seeking a potential tax deduction?
* Unwilling to go through the time and expense of selling the vehicle yourself?
* Unhappy with the trade-in value offered for your vehicle?
* Tired of paying registration fees and insurance premiums on an infrequently used vehicle?
* Spending too much on repairs?

The Kidney Car Program is a simple, quick and convenient way to dispose of your unwanted vehicle. You will receive a tax receipt for your car and we will tow it away for free.

The Environment Does
Vehicles that are donated to the program are either sold by the public auction to be re-used or recycled.

Kidney Patients Do
Proceeds from the Kidney Car Program are used in the community in which they are raised to fund a variety of programs including education programs, organ donation awareness and medical research. To help in the fight against kidney disease, please click on one of the links above to donate you car today!



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