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“I walk for all kidney patients, to raise awareness about the improvements to dialysis and to honour those we have lost to the disease. It’s an opportunity for my family to help raise awareness about early detection and to support The Kidney Foundation and the work they do."
Elizabeth Aquino



"I walk to support a foundation that has always supported individuals like myself. I walk for the selfless donors, and for any individual who may have had to put their life on hold. But most importantly, I walk because I am hopeful to one day experience a future without kidney failure." 
Krystal King


"We walk because of a commitment we made to each other that if I could get a kidney transplant we would spend time helping people who live with kidney disease. We are determined to give back with a passion that comes from someone having lived with this disease. We don’t have any illusions about changing the world - we simply want to support patients and make a difference one person at a time." 
Robert & Bernice Lundrigan 


"We walk as a team in support of organ donation and to share our own family story. Raphael suffered since infancy from polycystic kidney disease. In 2012, he received a kidney donation from his mother." 
Team Mimeault





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