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Ms. Lisa Lillebuen

Ms. Lisa Lillebuen

University of Alberta, AB

Allied Health Scholarship - Nursing

2018-2019:  $5,000 |  Allied Health Research Grant |  Category: Nursing

Lay Summary

As dialysis numbers continue to grow, more Albertans are choosing peritoneal dialysis (PD) as their primary dialysis modality. Home dialysis therapies have also been associated with better patient survival and quality of life. (Nesrallah et al., 2013; Pauly et al., 2010). As Alberta is geographically diverse, many patients do not live near a center that offers PD. When complications arise, urgent treatment may be needed in a rural emergency department (ED). However, not all rural EDs are willing to provide this treatment. Hence, the purpose of my study is to explore the facilitators and barriers to rural treatment of PD emergency care.

Since nurses are key members of the health care system, their clinical competency in specialized care for PD patients is crucially important. There are no studies that explicitly address barriers and facilitators to PD patients receiving care in a rural emergency department. Since limited literature is available on facilitators and barriers of emergency care for rural PD patients in rural EDs, I am planning a qualitative study to explore these factors in order to address issues to enhance care of rural PD patients. If the current mandate to encourage home modalities such as PD continues, patients will need additional supports in their home communities to be successful.

I plan to conduct a qualitative interpretive description study by conducting semi-structured interviews with nurses who work in rural EDs in Northern Alberta. I have chosen four emergency departments in rural Alberta where I hope to be able to interview 6 to 10 nurses to identify common themes around facilitators and barriers.