National Board of Directors

Greg Robbins

National President: Greg Robbins





Immediate National Past-President: Paul Kidston
National Treasurer: Terry Tomkins
National Secretary: Elaine Andrews
National Vice-President, National Director Quebec Branch: Patrice Waché

National Directors
Teresa Atkinson, National Director, British Columbia & Yukon Branch
Janice Brown, National Director, Northern Alberta and The Territories Branch
Cyril Muise, National Director, Southern Alberta Branch
Kurtis Krug, National Director, Saskatchewan Branch
Donna Dzydz, National Director, Manitoba Branch
Craig Kerr, National Director, Ontario Branch
Tom Meade, National Director, Atlantic Canada Branch

Sylvie Charbonneau, National Director-at-Large
Dr. Marie-José Clermont, National Director-at-Large
Annora Gilliam, National Director-at-Large
Kim Hickman, National Director-at-Large
Nicolas Fernandez, National Director-at-Large
Kevin Fontaine, National Director-at-Large
Pankaj Sharma, National Director-at-Large
Ferdinand Tchounkeu, National Director-at-Large



National Office - 310-5160 Decarie Blvd., Montreal, QC H3X 2H9 - Tel.: (514) 369-4806 / 1-800-361-7494
Charitable Registration Number: 107567398RR0001