The Kidney Foundation of Canada

National Recognition Program

The National President's Award


This award is presented, at the discretion of the National President, to an individual or group who has made an outstanding contribution to, and demonstrated outstanding dedication to, The Kidney Foundation of Canada.

The latest recipient of the National President's Award is:

2019    The Senior Management Forum
(Val Dunphy, Lis Fowler, Teresa Havill, Wendy Kudeba,Carole Larouche, Lydia Lauder, Martin Munger,Elizabeth Myles, Jim O’Brien, Linda Pellas, Trina Ralph,Flavia Robles, Pia Schindler, Joyce Van Deurzen)

Past Recipients of this prestigious award include:

2018    Anne Schultz, BC
2017    Jim O'Brien, ON
2016    Dr. Adeera Levin, B.C.
2015    Dr. Joanne Kappel, Sask.
2014    Paul Shay, National Executive Director
2013    Wim Wolfs, National Director of Research
2012    Harvey Thomson, ON
     Governance Review Task Force (Silvana Anania, Niloufer Bhesania, Brad Crawford, Tetiana Gerych, Riva Grinshpan, Dr. Julian Midgley, Paul Shay)
2010    Financial Policies Task Force & Letters Patent and General By-Law Task Force
2009    Denis Marquis, QC
2008    Silvana Anania, National Director of Operations
2007    Maria Carnahan, ON; Riva Grinshpan, ON; Roland Henricksen, ON,
2006    Mary Lou Karley, ON
2005    Niloufer Bhesania, ON
2004    Dinny Holroyd, SK
2003    Dale Parker, BC
2002    Branch Presidents
2001    National Office Staff
2000    Marcia Bell, BC
1999    National Executive Committee
1998    Lorna McLeod, MB
1997    National Office Staff
1996    Vivian Doyle-Kelly, QC
1995    Gavin Turley, National Executive Director
1994    Owen Brown, NF
1993    Joyce Wawrykow, MB
1992    Vivian Doyle-Kelly, QC
1991    Gordon Browne, National Executive Director
1990    Fred Rupert, ON
1989    Mary Catharine McDonnell, NS
1988    Jock McGregor, ON
1987    John Economides, QC
1986    Doris Norman, NB
1986    Monica Bell, MB
1985    Ron Lerman, National Executive Director
1984    Dave McIsaac, MB
1983    Cam Becker, ON
1982    Ken Hughes, MB
1981    J. M. Fortin, QC
1980    Ann Nagley, National Interim Executive Director
1979    John Davis; Ron Odynski, AB