The Kidney Foundation of Canada

National Recognition Program

The Kidney Foundation of Canada Special Appreciation Award


Awarded for the first time in 2008, The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s Special Appreciation Award is presented to an individual or group whose involvement and contribution has had a significant impact on the Foundation. It is intended for an individual or group who does not fit the criteria for any of the current National Awards and the emphasis will be on outstanding achievement at the National level. The outstanding achievement could be an overall contribution or for one exceptional achievement that occurred for a brief period.

Nomination Process

The latest recipients of The Kidney Foundation of Canada Special Appreciation Award is:

2019   Liz Wright, ON

Past Recipients of this prestigious award include:

2018   John and Verna Wiens, BC
2017   The Rose Family, AB; The National Governance Committee
2016    Anne Brinkman, ON; Dr. Adeera Levin, BC.;
           Members of the National Office Staff

  • Silvana Anania, Suzan Abd El Malak, Chantal Boucher, Maria Cardone, Sarah Cruickshank, Kelly Ducharme, Jessica Eugenio, Elisabeth Fowler, Melanie Fulop, Teresa Havill, Wendy Kudeba, Christine Marquis, Iain McLaren, Janice Melanson, Linda Pellas, Effie Roumeliotis, Ken Yuen, Tanya Walker, Marianne Palumbo, Moujahed Boubakri, Louise Dalpé, Eve Lacouture, Carole Larouche, William Mbiekop

2015    Erhard Pinno & the Camrose Door to Door Team, AB
2014    Sanjogta Bhandari & Phillip Chan, ON; Claude Pigeon, QC;
           The Articles of Continuance & General By-Law Task Force of The Kidney Foundation of Canada
2013    Not awarded
2012    Riva Grinshpan, ON; Brad Crawford, N.B.; Glen Wilson, BC
Nutrition Project Steering Team of The Kidney Foundation of Canada
2010    Luciano D'Ignazio, QC; Dr. Kevin Burns, ON & Dr. Adeera Levin, BC; Sean Lawson, AB
2009    Mary Lou Karley and the Bravehearts
2008    Susan Mascoll, QC