50th Anniversary Breakfast

National Recognition Program Special Event

On September 18th 2014, Don Cherry, Terry Leon, Jason Kroft, Dr. William Clark, Jaya Katwaroo and the Osborne Family were invited to the Kidney Foundation of Canada 50th Anniversary Breakfast to receive National Awards in recognition of their outstanding commitment to The Kidney Foundation and its mission of reducing the burden of kidney disease. Their experiences are poignantly shared in the Foundation’s 50 Kidney Stories anniversary magazine.

National Recognition Awards were also given in 2014 to Gaétan Frigon and his partner Hélène Héroux, Faye Clark, Simon Brodeur and Dorothy Roode.  A detailed description of these awards and biographies of some of the awardees are available below.

The Harold W. Ashenmil Award
Faye Clark
Dr. William Clark 

The David Ornstein Distinguished Service Award
Simon Brodeur

The Mary Lou Karley Patient Services Award
Dorothy Roode

The Kidney Foundation of Canada Organ Donation & Transplantation Award
Gaétan Frigon and Hélène Héroux

The Kidney Foundation of Canada Public Awareness Award
Terry Leon
Jaya Katwaroo  [biography]
Jarrett and Angie Osborne and their sons, Harrison and Clark  [biography]
Gaétan Frigon and Hélène Héroux

The Kidney Foundation of Canada National Fund Development Award
Don Cherry  [biography]
Jason Kroft




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