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Priorities| Prevention and Early Detection


There is no cure for kidney disease. But generally, when the kidney’s function declines to a point where kidneys are damaged, nothing can be done to reverse or repair lost function.

This is why investing in early detection and targeted screening initiatives is one of the surest steps we can take. It’s about nipping the problem in the bud, before it has time to develop.

Right now, the best that current medicine has to offer for kidney failure are dialysis and transplantation. We have the power to change this through the New Challenge Campaign. Kidney awareness may be seen as failing because kidney failure presents few or no symptoms, making early recognition difficult. But more and more, the public in general and doctors are aware that risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol need to be managed before they affect kidney function.

We’ve sounded the warning bell and many have heard it. But the fact remains that unless we get to kidney disease before it gets to us, we still risk losing to it.

Our focus on prevention is in four areas:

  1. Funding for screening of people at risk;
  2. Funding for affecting public policy to ensure there will be public screening by the health care system; 
  3. Funding for research to understand what interventions work to prevent or delay kidney disease; and
  4. Funding for public prevention and screening programs