The Kidney Foundation of Canada

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Priorities | Research 


We’ve come a long way in 50 years. Just imagine what an even greater investment in research and prevention could do?

Year after year, our internationally-reputed granting program supports the most promising research in Canada, wherever it is happening, as determined by a panel of Canada’s top kidney researchers. 

The Kidney Foundation of Canada has raised more than $100 million to support life-saving kidney research across Canada. But as anyone who has been personally affected by kidney disease can attest, prevention and treatment methods can still be vastly improved. With the incidence of kidney failure increasing year after year in Canada, there is an urgent need to do more. 

That is why research is one of the key priorities of our first-ever, nation-wide fundraising campaign.

As we strive to raise more money than ever before for research, our focus is two areas:

  1. National-wide Peer Review Granting Program
  2. KRESCENT Program for New Researchers
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