Customer Service Feedback Procedures

The following procedures must be observed by all KFOC employees/volunteers.

 The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) provides that all customers/stakeholders shall be afforded the opportunity to provide feedback on the service provided to customers/stakeholders with disabilities.

 The Kidney Foundation has put in place a variety of options by which our customers/stakeholders may provide feedback:

 By completing the Customer Service Feedback form available on our web site at

 When a customer/stakeholder approaches you to provide feedback please follow the protocol noted below: 

1. Inquire as to how the customer/stakeholder would like to provide the feedback (verbally (in person), verbally (over the phone), in writing, on-line, etc…).
2. Provide the customer/stakeholder with the following (depending upon his/her preference):

  • A hard copy of the Customer Service Feedback Form (which can be filled out immediately and given back to the KFOC staff/volunteer or sent directly to Wendy Kudeba). If this form is completed immediately and handed back to the KFOC staff/volunteer, it must then be sent directly to Wendy Kudeba.
  • Assistance by reading the Customer Service Feedback Form to the customer/stakeholder and recording his/her responses in the areas provided. Once the form is completed, it must then be sent directly to Wendy Kudeba.
  • A KFOC AODA Pamphlet which provides the web address, e-mail and telephone number via which customers/stakeholders can provide feedback.

 3. Thank the customer/stakeholder. If the customer/stakeholder returned a hard copy of the feedback form or if the staff/volunteer assisted in completing a hard copy of the form, then assure him/her that the feedback will be directed to the appropriate person and that person will be in contact with them in the near future.

 It is important to remember that all customers/stakeholders with disabilities must be treated with and afforded their dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity. KFOC staff/volunteers must make all reasonable efforts to ensure that this is maintained.

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