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The Birth and Rebirth! 

Katherine Boddington shares her story about how she received a kidney and a new grandson in the same day!

It was Thursday July 12, 2012.  I had been off work for at least a week, one reason was the upcoming birth of my first grandchild and the other was that my kidneys were failing fast and PD was not really working for me after 3 years. My doctor and nurse were about to put me on hemodialysis.

My daughter Jolene had called me early that Thursday morning to let me know she was on her way to the hospital.  I had trouble breathing and sleeping all that week and was not feeling my best, so it was decided that I should stay home and wait for the call.

At around 9:30 pm, my phone rang. It was a gentleman telling me he was my transplant coordinator informing me that they had found a kidney for me.  My response was, "you are who and have what?! I was waiting for a call about a baby!"  He assured me after laughing that this was real and he was calling about a kidney. He said a couple more tests needed to be done and he would call back in about an hour.  

Not 15 minutes later the phone rang again. This time it was my son in-law, Dan telling me I was a Grandmother of a precious baby boy! One hour later, the phone rang again. I was told by the same gentleman, to come to St Joseph's Hospital, my new kidney was waiting for me.

At the hospital, after all my tests and prep work I was allowed to go to the other side of the hospital and meet my new grandchild. I was able to hold Carter Lewis before my transplant surgery and tell him, to please wait, Grandma will be back to hold him again. I let him know how very much I loved him and his parents.

It has been 1 year for both of us now.  We call our day the Birth and Rebirth.

A huge thank you to the family of my organ donor for making a decision to give life when facing their own tragedy. Thank you to my doctors and nurses who helped me live to be Carter's Grandma.