Meet Mississauga Walk Ambassador, Ruchi Ruchi and her family

In 2002, Ruchi was studying to complete her Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Western University. All seemed well until a routine check-up with a family doctor in London brought about some perplexing test results. Higher than normal blood pressure, and the presence of protein in the urine, led Ruchi to see a nephrologist. The results of a kidney biopsy indicated that, Ruchi had IgA nephropathy, a disease that targets the glomeruli in her kidney.

Initially, there were only small changes required. Ruchi did what she had to, taking her medication, keeping her blood pressure in check and staying active. She was not going to let her disease get in her way.

“People say to me, ‘But you do so much!’ to which I say, ‘So what? I shouldn’t because I have a disease?’”

Ruchi was especially challenged by the strict requirements of her new diet, which she had to monitor for sodium, fat and protein.

It wasn’t until Ruchi and her husband began planning for their family, that Ruchi thought a little more about how kidney disease could affect her health and her children’s health as well.

In 2006, Ruchi was induced at thirty-six weeks for her first-born child. Ruchi’s blood pressure was skyrocketing as the baby’s heartrate was slowing down. After giving birth to a healthy baby, Ruchi suffered life-threatening toxemia which kept her in the hospital and away from her newborn son for nine days.

“For me,” says Ruchi “the hardest thing was they pretty much snatched him away and they said, ‘Your blood pressure is too high, we have to monitor you,’ I wasn’t even thinking about me because I had just given birth and that was the only thing on my mind,”

During her second pregnancy in 2008, Ruchi was again struck by severe toxemia following the birth of her second son. Today, the hockey-playing mom of two is the Walk Ambassador for Mississauga’s Kidney Walk in September. Ruchi was first introduced to The Kidney Foundation when she began seeking information about her kidney disease shortly after her diagnosis. She participates as the captain of her walk team ‘Full of Beans.’ “I was participating in another event for a friend and I thought I should be doing something for me and that’s when I joined The Kidney Walk.”

“I think it’s a nice bonding experience for the entire family. For my kids, it is important for them to be a part of something that I do,”

Ruchi and her family encourage others to come out and be active by registering for their local Kidney Walk and supporting families across Canada touched by kidney disease.


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