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Captain or Team Leader Responsibilities

As a Captain or Team Leader, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to deliver kits to the canvassers. Please get to know the canvassers in your area – you are their motivator. When you motivate them, they in turn inspire those who may give or volunteer in the future, which helps to make our campaign a success.

Check to see if your Zone Summary is in agreement with each kit:
• Kit number
• Name, telephone number and address
• Route description

Each kit should also include a label on it with the Captain’s contact information.
Introduce yourself to the Canvasser as the Captain of the area and thank them for their time. Arrange a drop off or pick up time for their kit. Explain what is inside their Canvasser kit and what they are to do with each item. Please deliver kits personally. Do not leave them in mailboxes or doorways. Please have all kits delivered no later than March 1, 2019.

Collection of Kits

All used and unused kits must be returned as The Kidney Foundation is responsible to control all receipts.
When kits are returned, count the money with the Canvasser and have them sign the envelope once it is sealed.
As kits are returned, record the amount collected on the money envelope as well as on the zone summary sheet.
Collect all the kits by no later than April 8, 2019
All kits should be delivered to, or picked up by, the Area Chair no later than April 15, 2019
Please call your Area Chair to make these arrangements.
Please remind students that if they need a Community Involvement letter which confirms their volunteer hours, they need to call their local office with their name, address, route number and area that they canvassed..

Each Captain’s File will contain:

• Captain information pamphlet
• Canvasser information pamphlet
• Zone summary listing:
•  Contact and address information for the Canvassers
•  Canvasser kit numbers
•  Route description
• Column for keeping track of returned kits and money collected

Thank You

Thank you for all your help and support. Your time and commitment is what makes the difference as each canvasser collects an average of $130 per kit.

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