Financial Assistance

Short-term financial assistance

Short term and emergency financial assistance may be available to residents of Canada to cover medical and other expenses associated with kidney disease and its treatment. This assistance is provided only when all other sources of funding have been exhausted.

The Kidney Foundation may also offer financial assistance through other programs. However, please note that these programs vary depending on local community needs and resources. Other programs may include:

  • bursary programs, for kidney patients who wish to further their education and/or training
  • travel loan programs, to assist hemodialysis patients with upfront costs of out-of-country dialysis treatments
  • compassionate loans, to cover expenses that the regular Financial Assistance Program will not cover

To find out what is available in your region and if you are eligible, speak to your social worker at the unit or hospital where you are receiving treatment, or contact the Kidney Foundation branch office near you.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada acknowledges the support of the many donors that make the short-term financial assistance program possible.                     

Ontario Application Process

Applications for short term financial assistance are made through renal social workers at community units, hospital renal programs or kidney care clinics. The applicant must meet eligibility requirements. For more information contact our Programs Team  at 1.800.387.4474.

Travel Loan Program

Patients never get a vacation from dialysis. Even when travelling on vacation or business , patients cannot omit their regular three times a week dialysis treatments. The Travel Loan Program is designed to assist hemodialysis patients with the upfront costs of out-of-country dialysis treatments. The interest-free loans are repaid upon the patient's return and reimbursement by OHIP. Applications are made through your renal social worker.

Program for Reimbursing Expenses of Living Organ Donors (PRELOD)

In an effort to minimize the potential financial burdens associated with the living donation process, the Government of Ontario established the Program for Reimbursing Expenses of Living Organ Donors (PRELOD). PRELOD reimburses eligible reasonable out-of-pocket expenses for costs incurred by potential and actual donors for travel, parking, meals, accommodation and loss of income. Potential and actual Living Organ Donors may now apply to PRELOD for reimbursement of eligible expenses.

PRELOD Brochure - Trillium Gift of Life Network
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Transplant Patient Expense Reimbursement Program (TPER)

The Transplant Patient Expense Reimbursement (TPER) program, funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, was created to relieve some of the financial burden faced by patients waiting for heart, heart-lung, or lung transplant who are required to relocate near the transplant hospital for the purposes of transplantation. 

TPER Backgrounder - Trillium Gift of Life Network.



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