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Organ Donor Registries

Register your consent to be an organ donor

Registering only takes a few minutes through the various provincial registries. Although 90% of Canadians polled indicate they are willing to be organ and tissue donors, registry numbers don’t reflect that. One registered organ donor could help up to eight people.

In most provinces, the next-of-kin decides whether or not to donate their deceased loved one’s organs – for this reason, it is very important to discuss organ donation with your family so that they know your wishes in case of your death.

To get started, locate your province to find out more about the registry process in your area.


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Newfoundland & Labrador   
Nova Scotia    Ontario   Prince Edward Island     Quebec   Saskatchewan   Yukon

British Columbia

  • You only need to register once in a lifetime but a decal on your driver’s license is no longer enough to ensure you’re registered as an organ donor. You will need your BC Care Card number to register.
    • You can register your wishes online through BC’s organ donor registry at
    • You can also register your wishes at any ICBC driver licensing location or Service BC Centre.


  • An exciting first for Albertans! You can now sign up to be an organ and/or tissue donor on
  • It’s important that you understand what it means to be a donor and how important your choice is. Tell your family and loved ones that you have signed up to be a donor. They will then be prepared to speak on your behalf. For information about organ and tissue donation, and who can donate, please see Organ and Tissue Donation Overview.

Northwest Territories

  • Northwest Territories residents can make their wishes known by signing the back of their health card – this does not guarantee a donation, your family should also be aware of your wishes.



  • Manitoba has an online organ donation registry:
  • Adding yourself to the online registry does NOT guarantee that you’ll become a donor—you must discuss your wishes with your family and/or next-of-kin as they get to make the final decision on whether you become a donor at the time of your death


  • Ontario has an online organ donation registry. By registering through The Kidney Foundation of Canada weblink to the Be A Donor site, you will help us meet our goal to have one person register to match the average number of those waiting for a life-saving organ donation in Ontario:
  • Eligibility: If you are 16 years of age or older and have a valid Ontario Health Number, you can register your consent online to become an organ and tissue donor. By registering your consent, information about your donation decision will be available and accessible should it ever be required.


  • The Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec offers you two options for giving your consent.
    • You can officialize your consent by entering it in the Régie's Registre des consentements au don d'organes et de tissus. To do so, fill out the form, which is mailed to you along with your Health Insurance Card renewal notice or which you can obtain from the Régie.
    • You can also sign the consent sticker and affix it to the back of your Health Insurance Card. The sticker is sent to you along with your Health Insurance Card, for instance when you renew your card. You can also obtain the sticker at local community services centres (CLSC), hospitals and Services Québec offices.
  • You can also sign-up with the Registre des consentements au don d’organes et de tissues with the Chambre des notaires du Québec:
  • For more information on living donation:

New Brunswick

  • You can indicate your intent to be a donor by checking the appropriate box and signing your Medicare renewal form. New Medicare cards will have your wishes about donation clearly displayed on the card. If you wish to indicate your intent to be a donor before renewing your card, please contact Service New Brunswick:

Nova Scotia

  • To become an organ and tissue donor in Nova Scotia, you sign up through your Health Card:
    • Download the Organ & Tissue Donation Form
    • Fill in the form and sign it
    • Fax or mail the form to MSI Registry and Enquiry, P.O. Box 500, Halifax, NS B3J 2S1
  • A completed Organ and Tissue Form does not guarantee a donation - your family should also be aware of your wishes

Prince Edward Island

  • In the past, Islanders could indicate their intention to be a donor on their driver’s licence and PEI Health Card. These methods will be phased out over the next 3-5 years and will be replaced with the Intent to Donate Registry.
  • You can register your intention to become an organ or tissue donor electronically by clicking here
  • Or you can complete the Intent to Donate form by clicking here and mail it to: Medicare Office126 Douses Road PO Box 3000 Montague, PE   C0A 1R0
  • You can express your wish to donate organs and tissues in writing when preparing your health care directive
  • People are encouraged to speak to their families about their wishes

Newfoundland & Labrador

  • You can indicate your “Intent to Donate” organs and tissues by completing your Medical Care Plan (MCP) application or renewal form at word “ORGAN DONOR” will appear on your MCP card. This indicates your intent to donate after death. 
  • You can learn about becoming a ‘Living Donor’ by contacting your local Kidney Transplant Program. (Eastern, Central and Labrador can contact 777-3601 and Western residents can contact 637-5000 ext. 6190)