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Message from the Program Director

Welcome to the website of the KRESCENT Program. It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Kidney Research Scientist Core Education and National Training Program, better known as KRESCENT -- an exciting and unique training initiative aimed at enhancing kidney research capacity in Canada. Our goal is to train an increased number of highly skilled scientists, whose focus is the prevention of and improved treatments for kidney diseases. KRESCENT is a multi-partner collaboration, founded by the Kidney Foundation of Canada, the Canadian Society of Nephrology, and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

What differentiates KRESCENT from other training programs?

Our program is unique in that participants are selected from all themes relevant to kidney research (e.g. biomedical, clinical, health services, and social, cultural, environmental and population health), and from multiple disciplines (e.g. basic scientists, clinician scientists, allied health and health service researchers).

The KRESCENT Program offers a national core curriculum and mentorship provided in part through biannual in person meetings of trainees and national content experts. Participants gain from exposure to National leaders in kidney research, a curriculum that emphasizes the development of transdisciplinary research and that facilitates knowledge translation across research themes. The curriculum is focused on kidney research themes, and is meant to complement any core course work / degree programs in research design, methodology, and other core content areas, which might not be available within participating institutions. For more information on the curriculum, please see the curriculum overview.

KRESCENT Funding Recipients

We are proud to announce that since the first competition in 2004, we have awarded 91 awards to 72 researchers: 8 Allied Health Doctoral Awards, 51 Post-doctoral Fellowships and 33 New Investigator Awards, covering all CIHR research streams . To learn more about these talented recipients, you can read about their exciting research in the Awardees section of the site. We invite you to visit our site regularly, as we continue to highlight the publications and achievements of our awardees.

We hope the KRESCENT pages will inspire you to apply, or become involved. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Program Manager.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, sponsors and volunteers/committee members for their continuous support in helping to train the future Canadian leaders in kidney research.

Dr. Todd Alexander
Program Director


The KRESCENT Program is a Strategic Training Program developed and supported by:


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