Kidney Stories of Hope Campaign 2009

Stories of love, courage and determination, stories of caring and support: across the country people answered our invitation and took the time to tell us how kidney disease has affected them or someone they love. We wish to thank everyone who participated by sharing their experiences and feelings.

Selecting only one story per region was a very difficult task for our panel of judges. We are honored, however, to present some of the most compelling stories received.

The Kidney Story of Hope Campaign was made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Shire Canada. In addition to providing the $500 cash prize awarded to the author of each story selected, Shire Canada also donated $2500 to The Kidney Foundation of Canada as a continued commitment to all Canadians living with kidney disease.

Paul Shay, Executive National Director of The Kidney Foundation of Canada, and
Sébastien Martel, Product Manager, Shire Canada Inc. 


Kidney Story of Hope - British Columbia
Glen Nightingale, Delta BC

It was mid-afternoon on September 22, 1999 and my first fully conscious awareness was of a nurse propping me in a sitting position, handing me a really large pill and a glass of water with the coaxing instruction to swallow it...

Kidney Story of Hope - Ontario
Jesse Reynders, Nepean ON

I joined the Canadian Forces at the age of 18 with a strong desire to serve the people of Canada and make a difference. After four years of university and almost another two years of training, I finally started my proud service as an army officer, living the life I had worked so hard for. Shortly thereafter, at the much-too-young age of 24, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)...

Kidney Story of Hope - Alberta / Saskatchewan / Manitoba
Sharon Thompson, Lacombe AB

From a very early age, we knew that my nephew Kyle was going to need a kidney transplant. When playing with this funny little boy it was scary to think of what the future might hold for him. Would a kidney be found for him? Would he need dialysis? Would he be healthy enough to do all the things that boys like to do?...

Kidney Story of Hope - Quebec
Paule Thibault, Valcourt QC

Voici le texte que j’ai écris à mon père et que je lui ai donné juste avant son opération pour la pose de son cathéter pour l’hémodialyse. Par le passé, il avait vécu plusieurs opérations en lien avec la dialyse péritonéale, malheureusement sans succès. J’avais alors décidé de lui écrire ce texte pour l’encourager, malgré les difficultés rencontrées, à poursuivre les démarches en dialyse en attendant la greffe qui viendrait un jour...  

Kidney Story of Hope - Atlantic
Angel Martin, Saint John NB

I am a daughter who has seen her mother go through changes in her life due to kidney failure. She has been battling this disease since Dec 1983. I can remember her having no energy and really tired. We were not sure what was wrong until she was taken into the hospital and was hooked up to dialysis immediately. She was very lucky to be alive. She was so close to death, less than 8 hours is all the doctor gave her when he diagnosed her with kidney failure...

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