About Us

In the early 1960s, a group of patients, doctors, nurses, and interested friends formed a "Patient Interest Group" under the name of the Manitoba Kidney Association. This Association flourished over the years with its base at the Health Sciences Centre. In 1969, a representative from Quebec visited Winnipeg with the intent and proposal to form a national organization. To obtain a charitable status and tax registration number, an organization needed representation right across the country.

A group of interested people were meeting, calling themselves the Manitoba Dialysis Association. Dr. Ashley Thompson was a strong motivating force, but felt that non-professionals should be the strength behind the organization. In 1971, Manitoba officially became a branch of the national organization.

Past Presidents:
1970          Dr. Ashley Thomson
1971          Jim Husiak
1972          Ken Potter
1973/74     Hy Cohen
1974/77     Les Alexander
1977/80     Dr. William Jacyk
1980/82     Dr. Ken Huges
1982/84     Dave McIsaac
1984/86     Peg Venables
1986/87     Jerry Ross
1987/88     Olive McPhail
1988/89     Peg Venables
1989/91     Joyce Wawrykow
1991/93     Nadine Jenkins
1993/95     Lorna McLeod
1995/97     Audrey Hawkins
1997/98     Judy Kaprowy
1998/00     Debbie Schulz
2001/03     Heather Shortridge
2003/04     Bill Podolsky
2005          Mendel Schnitzer
2006/08     Dave McIsaac Jr
2008/09     Donn Pirie
2010/13     Dr. James Zacharias
2014/16     Brigitte Sandron
2016-         Pankaj Sharma



Manitoba Branch - 1-452 Dovercourt Drive, Winnipeg MB R3Y 1G4 - Tel.: (204) 989-0800 
Charitable Registration Number: 107567398RR0001