Organ Donation

As of February 2009, 160 people with kidney disease in Manitoba were waiting for a kidney transplant.

With advances in kidney transplant methods and improvement in transplant success, a kidney transplant is now widely considered to be the best way to treating chronic kidney disease for many people.

Depending on blood type, the wait for a kidney transplant from a deceased donor could be up to eight to ten years. With a kidney from a living donation, the wait can be much less.

Making the decision to donate your organs
Deciding to become a donor is a personal choice. There is no right or wrong choice. You may change your mind at any time but remember to tell your family.

In Manitoba, you need to sign up through to make it known that you would like to donate your organs. 

For a deceased donation, it is the next-of-kin who makes the final decision on whether to donate your organs and tissues. If family members are aware of your decision and are in agreement, they will most likely respect your wishes if faced with this difficult decision.

Organ donation saves lives.

Please contact us if you have questions about:

  • becoming a living donor;
  • receiving a kidney from a living donor; or
  • being put on the list to receive a donation from a deceased donor.

You can also visit the Transplant Manitoba website for more information.



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