Programs & Support

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to:

  • patient services;
  • public education;
  • organ donation awareness; and
  • communications. 

If you are a kidney patient, we can help you find information and resources you need to learn more about:

  • how to manage kidney disease; and
  • the impact the disease has on your life. 

The Manitoba Branch offers a range of services, including:

We offer other services depending on local community needs and resources. To find out what services are available in your area, contact us.

Information and referral

Foundation staff and volunteers cannot offer direct medical advice, but we can provide useful information about kidney disease and treatment options. Information and referral services are meant to guide patients through the sometimes confusing and stressful process of adjusting to living with kidney disease.

To find out what services are available in your area, contact us.

Educational materials

The Kidney Foundation provides, free of charge, a comprehensive manual entitled Living with Kidney Disease to all people diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. The manual is generally distributed through kidney clinics in the province. Topics covered in the manual include:

  • function of the kidney;
  • types of kidney disease;
  • treatment options;
  • early signs of kidney disease;
  • transplantation;
  • diet; and
  • lifestyle.

The manual is available in several languages and on audio-cassette for the visually impaired.

The Foundation also produces:

  • videos combining medical information and patient perspectives;
  • information pamphlets;
  • fact sheets; and
  • brochures on specific aspects of living with kidney disease.

Most materials are available online or we can mail them to you as requested from our office.

The Perfect Storm Booklet

There is a strong relationship between diabetes and kidney disease. There is an even stronger relationship when you also have high blood pressure and are overweight. This booklet helps you learn what you need to know about your risk of kidney disease and what you can do about it.

Download the booklet

Kidney Care Connection Newsletter

The newsletter Kidney Care Connection is a quarterly newsletter. It includes updates on our Branch programs, events, and activities and also shares news of interest to kidney patients. You can get an email or hard copy version. Sign up by sending us a message or by phoning us at 204.989.0800.

Financial assistance

The Kidney Foundation recognizes that many of the expenses associated with kidney disease are borne directly by patients and their families. Our program is not a substitute for any federal or provincial assistance programs, but it does provide short-term, emergency financial assistance when all other options have been exhausted.

Your social worker needs to make an application to us through a community unit, hospital renal program, or a kidney care clinic. You must meet eligibility requirements. For more information, contact us.

Peer support

The Kidney Foundation of Canada offers a peer support program called Kidney Connect.  This program provides an opportunity for people affected by kidney disease to talk to others who have been there too.  The program is staffed by a team of volunteers who have been specially trained as mentors for people with kidney disease and their families and friends. Volunteers provide support by telephone and, once a referral is made to our office, the peer support person contacts you within a couple of days.

For more information on the Kidney Connect program click here or call toll free 1 866 390-PEER (7337).



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