Programs & Support

Programs & Support
The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to providing patient-centred programs, services, public education, organ donation awareness, and communications. The NABT branch offers a range of services that includes information and referral, educational materials, practical assistance, peer support, short-term emergency financial support, and other financial reimbursement programs that assist patients & their families throughout their kidney and transplant journey.

Information and Referral

Foundation staff and volunteers cannot offer direct medical advice, but we can provide useful information about kidney disease and treatment options. Information and referral services are intended to guide patients through the sometimes confusing and stressful process of adjusting to living with kidney disease.

Please call 780-451-6900 ext 222 or 1-800-461-9063 ext 222 or email to reach the Kidney Care Coordinator.


Living with Kidney Disease Manual
The Kidney Foundation provides, free of charge, a comprehensive "Living with Kidney Disease" manual to all individuals diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. The manual is generally distributed through renal clinics in the province. Topics covered in the manual include the function of the kidney, types of kidney disease, treatment options, early signs of kidney disease, transplantation, diet and lifestyle. The manual is available in English, French, Punjabi, Chinese, and Italian, and on audio-cassette for the visually impaired.

The Kidney Foundation also produced videos, available in English, French, Chinese and Punjabi, which combine the patient perspective with medical information. These are available through the Branch office.

Pamphlets, Fact Sheets and Brochures
The Kidney Foundation produces information pamphlets, fact sheets and brochures on specific aspects of living with kidney disease.  

NABT Branch Publications

Additional pamphlets are also available through the NABT Branch:

  • Transitions: Your Journey with Organ Transplant
  • Living well Cookbook
  • Cookbooks for Kidney Diets: A Reference Guide
  • E Coli Bacteria: What You Need to Know
  • Care Partner’s Guide; A Guide for Family and Friends of People Living with Kidney Disease
  • Employment Guide: A Guide to Living and Working with Kidney Disease
  • Self Advocacy Guide: Take responsibility, Take Control, Take Charge, Take Action
  • Exercise Information: Developing Endurance, Developing Muscle Strength, Developing Flexibility

Chinese and Punjabi Pamphlets

  • Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • High Blood Pressure and Your Kidneys
  • Diabetes and Kidney Disease
  • Your Kidneys




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Financial Assistance

Short Term Financial Assistance

The Kidney Foundation recognizes that many of the expenses associated with kidney disease are borne directly by patients and their families. This program is not intended to be a substitute for any federal or provincial assistance programs, but rather to provide short term, emergency financial assistance when all other options have been exhausted. Applications are made through renal social workers at community units, hospital renal programs or kidney care clinics. The applicant must meet the eligibility requirements. 

Educational Bursaries
We know that dialysis schedules impact one's ability to retrain or study. Money collected by Paddlers for Parts has been used to establish a designated fund to help individuals living with kidney disease, dialysis or kidney transplant pursue their education. Funds are awarded on an individual basis and according to need. Each bursary is $500 For more information or to apply, contact our office at 780-451-6900 x 222 1-800-461-9063 or

Application deadline
Fall semester: July 1st.
Winter semester: November 1st. 

Living Organ Donation Reimbursement Expense Program
In an effort to minimize the potential financial burden associated with the living donation process, the Kidney Foundation of Canada (Alberta) has established the Living Organ Donor Expense Reimbursement Program (LODERP) in collaboration with Alberta Health. Click HERE for more information

Home Hemodialysis Utility Grant Program (HUG)
In collaboration with Alberta Health, the Kidney Foundation of Canada (Alberta) has established the HUG program to ease the financial burden experienced by home hemodialysis patients. Starting April 1, 2019, home hemodialysis patients will be reimbursed water and electricity costa associated with home dialysis. Click HERE for more information or email us at for more information. 

Peer Support

The Kidney Foundation of Canada has a peer support program called Kidney Connect.  This program provides an opportunity for people affected by kidney disease to talk to others who have been there too.  The program is staffed by a team of volunteers who have been specially trained as mentors for people with kidney disease and their families and friends. Volunteers provide support by telephone and, once a referral is made to our office, the peer support person contacts you within a couple of days. To access this program you can call toll free at 1-866-390-PEER (7337) or submit a request online.

Kidney One on One
Recognizing additional supports were needed for patients, the Kidney Foundation has proudly partnered with Alberta Health Services and is actively collaborating with the University of Alberta’s medical staff to offer Kidney One on One, a program designed to empower patients, bridge knowledge gaps in the transplant process, and allow patients to take control of their health.

Kidney One on One is a patient-driven program which connects kidney patients with kidney transplant recipients, living kidney donors, caregivers and dialysis patients with the goal of improving patient education regarding transplantation and modality choice.

Kidney One on One team members engage dialysis patients by sharing personal and lived experiences with transplantation and their kidney journey. In addition, team members answer questions from a non-clinical perspective. This program is meant to support kidney patients so they are informed, confident, and in control of their health journey.

If you would like to meet with a Kidney One on One member during your dialysis run, would like more information on the program, or would like to become a team member email or call 780-451-6900 x 222. 

Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau delivers Organ Donation Awareness presentations to community groups such as service clubs, schools, colleges, businesses, and sports teams in many parts Northern Alberta. Designed to increase public awareness of the need for kidneys and other organs for transplantation, the presentations give audiences an opportunity to ask questions, learn more about the shortage of organs, and how organ donation helps.

To become a Speakers Bureau Speaker, or to invite a speaker to make a presentation to your group, please contact the NAB Coordinator, Kidney Care Services at 780-451-6900 or 1-800-461-9063 ext 222 or email.



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