Organ Donation

Saving Lives, Changing Lives with Organ Donation

For many people living with kidney disease, a transplant offers the best chance at a healthier life.  Unfortunately, the need for organs is currently greater than the supply.  More than 4,500 Canadians are currently waiting for an organ transplant, and many will wait several years before they get one.

Living donations are increasingly common in Canada, partly because donated organs from deceased donors are in limited supply.  Family members and friends of people with kidney failure are increasingly making the choice to donate a kidney to free their loved one from the challenges and restrictions of dialysis.

Across the country, the Foundation works to help Canadians understand that transplantation is the best option for the majority of people whose kidneys have failed. The Foundation actively promotes organ donation because:

Canada has one of the lowest organ donation rates among industrialized nations anywhere on the world
Nearly 77% of Canadians on the transplant waiting list are waiting for a kidney
260 Canadians died in 2016 while waiting for an organ transplant
Kidney transplants offer freedom from time-intensive dialysis treatments
Five year survival rate for adults with transplanted kidneys is 90% from living donors, and 82% from deceased donors
Right now, more than 750 Albertans are waiting for a transplant with their health declining as they wait

Choosing To Give The Gift Of Life

Your family makes the final decision on whether or not to donate your organs and tissues. Discussing your wishes with your family is even more important than registering your intent to donate.

If your family members are aware of your decision, they are much more likely to know how to respond if faced with this difficult decision.  The Kidney Foundation's Let's Talk About it, Family Discussion Guide offers useful information to guide the discussion.  The decision to become a donor is a personal one, and discussing this decision with your family is a critical step.
To learn more about organ and tissue donation, who can donate, and frequently asked questions, click here.  

Living Organ Donor Expense Reimbursement Program (LODERP)

The Living Donor Expense Reimbursement Program (LODERP) is a provincial program run by The Kidney Foundation of Canada and funded by Alberta Health and Wellness. The program reimburses some of the out of pocket expenses that organ donors incur, and makes it possible for people to donate even if they live far away from the recipient. As a result, we hope that the number of potential donors will increase if the donors' financial barriers are removed.

LODERP is intended for people who are going through the process of donating a kidney or liver through a transplant program at a hospital.

How do I access LODERP?

The easiest way to access LODERP is to call The Kidney Foundation of Canada office in Calgary at 403-255-6108, or toll free at 1-800-268-1177.  We will tell you all about the program and what reimbursement you are eligible for. We will email you an application form, and tell you about the Kidney Connect Peer Support Program where you can to talk to one of our trained volunteers about their experience as a living organ donor.

What expenses are reimbursed through LODERP?

LODERP reimburses many of the costs associated with becoming a living organ donor, but not all of them.  At this time, the program reimburses those costs associated with the transplant surgery and the final round of testing that will take place days before the surgery. No post-transplant costs are reimbursed.  When you call we will explain what items are eligible for reimbursement in your case.  For a general outline of costs that can be reimbursed, please click here.



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