The Core Curriculum for the Kidney Research Scientist Core Education and National Training Program (The KRESCENT program) promotes the development of leaders in the field of kidney research in Canada, capable of transdisciplinary research that will foster knowledge translation. The curriculum is delivered across the country, irrespective of trainee location.

A major goal of the KRESCENT's Program Core Curriculum is to offer unique learning opportunities that are not available in any other forum or location. The Core Curriculum is designed to be complementary to any core course work/ degree programs in research design, methodology, and other core content areas, which might be available within participating institutions. It is also complementary to the trainee-specific research project(s), which will continue to be developed locally, either independently (in the case of New Investigator Awardees), or in conjunction with the local research supervisor (in the case of Fellowship trainees).

The Core Curriculum of the KRESCENT program consists of three different forms of educational sessions :

  1. Formal Core Lecture Series, held at workshops, twice yearly (Knowledge Acquisition Modules
  2. WEB-based exercises (Knowledge Application Modules and Knowledge Integration Modules
  3. Transdisciplinary Research Challenges, held once yearly at the May workshop, and dependent on the skills acquired and applied in the core lectures and Web-based exercises. More

The KRESCENT Program is a Strategic Training Program developed and supported by:


With additional generous support from:

AMGEN               Baxter Corporation               Merck-Frosst Canada Ltd.             Ortho Biotech              RocheShire BioChem Inc.

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