Emotional Support

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is life-changing.  Many people who learn they have kidney disease had little or no warning their kidneys were damaged, or that they may require dialysis treatments or a kidney transplant to survive.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to providing people with the emotional support and resources they need to manage a diagnosis of kidney disease.  In addition to helping people access the appropriate services and agencies they need, the Foundation provides information and support to anyone affected by kidney disease.

Adjusting to a diagnosis of kidney disease offers many challenges.  One of the most difficult issues can be making decisions about what options and treatments are best for you.

Peer Support Services

One of the key services of The Kidney Foundation's Community Services Program is KIDNEY CONNECT Peer Support.  It is designed to offer people an opportunity to talk to others who have had similar experiences in managing their chronic disease.  It provides a chance to talk one-on-one about what to expect when learning to live with kidney disease. In this program, you and your family members are paired with trained volunteers who have had their own, first-hand experience coping with emotional turmoil and physical limitations of living with kidney disease.  For more information call 1-866-390-7337, email The Kidney Foundation or click here

 How to access Peer Support in Southern Alberta:

  • Contact the Kidney Foundation at 403-255-6108 in Calgary, 403-327-2625 in Lethbridge to toll free at 1-866-390-7337
  • Explain to The Kidney Foundation Coordinator what issues you would like to discuss
  • Wait for a call from the Peer Support Volunteer
  • Make arrangements to talk on the phone or at a convenient place and time

 "I have used the services of the Peer Support volunteers many times.  I used them first when I was diagnosed, then when I went on peritoneal dialysis, and again when I was trying to decide whether to go on the transplant list. I know Peer Support works, and that it makes a difference.  The volunteers who have contacted me helped me tremendously in adjusting to living with kidney failure.  When I was in a position to help someone myself, I chose to become a Peer Support Volunteer." - Carol, person living with kidney disease and a peer support volunteer.




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