2019 Competition Deadline:  February 01, 2019

Guidelines for Post-Doctoral Fellowship


NEW!!  The KRESCENT program has moved to an on-line application system. All forms, guidelines and procedures can be found on the proposalCENTRAL website. Please click here to reach proposalCENTRAL. To apply through this site, you will have to set up a profile, and then search for “KRESCENT” or “Kidney” and fill out the KRESCENT Post-Doctoral Fellowship application.




Conditions of Support



Paying of Stipend

Patient review of the lay summary
The KRESCENT program is pleased to announce that patient partners will be adding their input to the peer review process for the 2018 KRESCENT competition. Patient partners will be asked to read and provide feedback on the lay summary that is provided by the applicant. They will be providing their feedback on the following criteria:

1. Clarity: is the lay summary easy to understand and written in appropriate language?
2. Relevance: are the study’s aims and issues addressed important to you as a patient?
3. Suggestions: for improvement for the future
4. Any additional comments to the applicant or questions for the peer review committee

Please pay particular attention to your lay summary as the patient partner feedback will be considered by the peer review committee and factored into your overall score.

In addition, if you have marked that your project has a patient-engagement component, patient partners will also provide feedback to Can-SOLVE CKD on this section.


A KRESCENT program Post-Doctoral Fellowship is an “in-training” award intended for applicants with a PhD, MD or equivalent degree. The objective is to attract and foster young investigators to initiate and/or continue training in kidney research.

An awardee may not be in receipt of another major personnel award at the same time as holding the Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the KRESCENT program. However, the KRESCENT program will consider approving supplemental funding if a minor stipend has been provided from a local or provincial funding agency.



Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants at the time of submission of their application.
Awards for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship are tenable under the supervision of investigators holding an academic appointment and in areas of investigation where it is clear that the research has direct relevance to kidney disease.  The training program must include involvement in actual research, and not only courses in research methods.  Applicants enrolled in programs oriented primarily toward professional specialty training are normally ineligible for the Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

Candidates with more than four years of Post-PhD research training by the competition deadline are not eligible to apply for this award.  Any interruption in a candidate’s Post-PhD research training will be taken into account in determining eligibility.

Applicants with a MD degree must hold license in Canada or be enrolled in a program leading to certification in Canada at the time of applying for this award.  Applicants may propose a program of research leading to a Master’s or PhD degree; however, registration in a graduate program is not a requirement.

Applications for training in clinical research will be considered only if it is clear from the application that at least 80% of the applicant’s time and effort will be devoted to the research project(s) and clinical activities upon which the research project(s) is immediately dependent.

Each application is considered to be a joint submission by the applicant and the proposed supervisor.  The research plan should be written in full consultation and agreement between the supervisor and the applicant.


Conditions of support

Each applicant must show evidence of having been accepted by a university department or affiliated institution acceptable to the KRESCENT program.

The tenure of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship is generally held at a Canadian university or affiliated research institutions. Institutions eligible to host a KRESCENT Fellow include Canadian and foreign universities, affiliated research hospitals, and colleges with a strong research mandate and capacity.

The awardee must participate and successfully complete the KRESCENT Core Curriculum (for details see KRESCENT Curriculum document). Failure to participate in and successfully complete the required elements of the Core Curriculum will lead to withdrawal of ongoing funding support from the KRESCENT program.



The duration of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship will be either two or three years, preference may be given to 3 year Post-Doctoral Fellowship applications.

The award will normally commence on July 1 and will run for the eligible duration.

During tenure of the award the awardee shall devote 80% to the purpose of the award in research.  The awardee may, with the approval of the supervisor, engage in and receive remuneration for departmental activities, including undergraduate teaching, that contribute to his/her development as a researcher.  However, these activities must not interfere with the primary purpose of the award.  Notification of any consideration for extra remuneration should be forwarded to the Chair of the Program Steering Committee of the KRESCENT program.

An award may be terminated at any time for good cause by the awardee, the sponsoring institution or the KRESCENT program.



The annual stipend is $ 65,000 (MD or equivalent degree) or $ 55,000 (Ph.D. without a MD or equivalent degree) without benefits. Successful applicants are expected to organize their own benefits with the host institution.

Stipends are valued in Canadian dollars and are taxable. It is expected that 50% of the award will be contributed by the KRESCENT Program and 50% will be contributed by the host institution.


Payment of Stipend

Awards will be paid to the institution where the award is held in quarterly installments.


For information on the KRESCENT program, please contact:

Elisabeth Fowler
National Director of Research
The Kidney Foundation of Canada
Tel.: (613) 793-1299
Email: elisabeth.fowler@kidney.ca

For further information on application submissions, please contact:

Christine Marquis
Associate, Research Grants and Awards
The Kidney Foundation of Canada
Telephone: (514) 369-4806, ext. 232
E-mail: christine.marquis@kidney.ca


Important: The KRESCENT program has implemented a zero-tolerance policy for late and incomplete applications. Failure to adhere to the guidelines and regulations will result in rejection of an application, without possibility of appeal.

The KRESCENT Program is a Strategic Training Program developed and supported by:


With additional generous support from:

AMGEN               Baxter Corporation               Merck-Frosst Canada Ltd.             Ortho Biotech              RocheShire BioChem Inc.

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