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Guidelines for New Investigator Award


NEW!!  The KRESCENT program has moved to an on-line application system. All forms, guidelines and procedures can be found on the proposalCENTRAL website. Please click here to reach proposalCENTRAL. To apply through this site, you will have to set up a profile, and then search for “KRESCENT” or “Kidney” and fill out the KRESCENT New Investigator Award application.




Conditions of Support



Paying of Stipend
Equipment Purchases

Patient review of the lay summary

The KRESCENT program is pleased to announce that patient partners will be adding their input to the peer review process for the 2018 KRESCENT competition. Patient partners will be asked to read and provide feedback on the lay summary that is provided by the applicant. They will be providing their feedback on the following criteria:

1. Clarity: is the lay summary easy to understand and written in appropriate language?
2. Relevance: are the study’s aims and issues addressed important to you as a patient?
3. Suggestions: for improvement for the future
4. Any additional comments to the applicant or questions for the peer review committee

Please pay particular attention to your lay summary as the patient partner feedback will be considered by the peer review committee and factored into your overall score.

In addition, if you have marked that your project has a patient-engagement component, patient partners will also provide feedback to Can-SOLVE CKD on this section.


The KRESCENT program New Investigator Award is awarded to individuals who have clearly demonstrated excellence during their pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training in kidney disease. The Award provides salary support for up to three years of the faculty appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor or its equivalent at a Canadian University.

The purpose of this award is to assist such an individual to become established as a fully independent investigator in the field of kidney disease.

Preference may be given to candidates who have been awarded and successfully completed a KRESCENT program Post-Doctoral Fellowship or Allied Health Doctoral Scholarship.

Application for this award must be initiated by the university or the institution at which the candidate will conduct the proposed research. The university or institution is expected to guarantee the applicant appropriate academic rank and to provide adequate space and facilities for the investigator’s research, commensurate with the status of the individual in terms of experience and level of support by the Program.

An awardee may not be in receipt of another major personnel support award (i.e. from international, national or provincial funding agencies) at the same time as holding the New Investigator Award from the KRESCENT program.

The quality of the proposed research plan is an important component in the evaluation of the application.  Therefore, a clear, concise and comprehensive description of the proposed research plan must be given.  In addition, the role of the New Investigator in the proposed research must be clearly defined including how the execution of the research plan will contribute to the candidate’s development as an independent researcher.

The awardee must show proof of application for a grant-in-aid (or research grant) in support of the proposed research plan at the time of this award. Such grants must be administered by peer review granting agencies, approved by the KRESCENT program, for example The Kidney Foundation of Canada. (See Eligibility section for specific requirements).



Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants at the time of submission of their application. 

At the time of commencement of the New Investigator Award no more than three years may have passed since the date of the first faculty appointment.

Candidates must hold an appointment at a Canadian university at Assistant Professor level or equivalent.

Candidates must have a MD, PhD or equivalent degree.

Applications in clinical research will be considered only if it is clear from the application that at least 80% of the applicant’s time and effort will be devoted to the research project(s).

The New Investigator Faculty Award is contingent on the following additional requirements with regard to grant-in-aid support for the proposed research.

  • During year one and two of this award the awardee must show proof of submission of grant-in-aid applications to granting agencies that conduct peer reviews of the proposed research plan.
  • For the third year of the award the awardee must hold a grant-in-aid as a Principal Investigator for the proposed research plan from an agency that uses peer review process recognized by the KRESCENT program.

Conditions of Support

The awardee must participate and successfully complete the KRESCENT Core Curriculum (for details see KRESCENT Curriculum document). Failure to participate in and successfully complete the required elements of Core Curriculum will lead to withdrawal of ongoing funding support from the KRESCENT program



The New Investigator Award is tenable at a university or affiliated institution in Canada.

The award will normally commence on July 1 and will run for the eligible duration.

The awardee must devote no less than 80% of his/her time to the proposed research.  The remainder of the New Investigator’s time may be devoted to teaching, administration, clinical activity or activity related to the research project.  The KRESCENT program imposes no restriction on the additional income the New Investigator may earn provided it is within the guidelines of the sponsoring university or institution and that such activity does not impinge upon the time dedicated to the proposed research.

An award may be terminated at any time for good cause by the awardee, the sponsoring institution or the KRESCENT program.



The annual stipend is $70,000 (MD or equivalent degree) or $65,000 (Ph.D. without a MD or equivalent degree) without benefits.

Stipends are valued inCanadian dollars and are taxable. It is expected that 50% of the award will be contributed by the KRESCENT Program and 50% by the host institution.

The KRESCENT program also offers to match up to a maximum of $25,000 of Infrastructure Support (laboratory start-up costs and support staff) awarded during the period of the New Investigator Award from the sponsoring university or institution. The Candidate must apply for the Infrastructure Support at the same time as for this award but a separate budget should be provided. The Candidate also must submit proof of matching institutional support. It is the intention of the KRESCENT program that the Infrastructure Support be used to the direct benefit/assistance of the awardee’s research plan.

Some examples of appropriate uses of this infrastructure support would be the purchase of software, equipment, other technology or stipends for graduate students and summer students; examples of inappropriate uses of these funds would be for supplementation of the awardee’s salary or for general institutional overhead.


Payment of Stipend

Awards will be paid to the institution, where the award is held, in quarterly installments.

The Infrastructure Support will be paid in two half-yearly installments during the first year of this award.


Equipment Purchases

Title to equipment purchased with the Infrastructure Support funds rests with the Granting Program. During tenure or upon termination of the award, such equipment will, unless otherwise stipulated by the KRESCENT program, be vested in the institution where the awardee carried out the research.


Important: The KRESCENT program has implemented a zero-tolerance policy for late and incomplete applications. Failure to adhere to the guidelines and regulations will result in rejection of an application, without possibility of appeal.

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